Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday -- Hollywood Studios

Another day, another park! Today we headed to Hollywood Studios. We got there in plenty of time and even managed to see Stitch before the gates opened.


Then we got serious. My favorite ride is at Hollywood Studios -- Toy Story Mania. It is in such high demand that most days the fast passes are entirely gone by noon and the line is often 90 minutes. Trent raced to get our fast passes while the kids and I headed to the rock'n' roller coaster. This might have been Owen's favorite ride because in the gift shop (where he had to wait since he is so little) they had drumsticks and he played with the drumsticks like he was in heaven!!!



I love this picture of Trent and the girl's on the ride. Both Catherine and Madelyn have their eyes tightly shut!!!!!


Then we headed to Tower of Terror. Even Adam could ride this one. And he was eager too. But about halfway through the ride his was beyond screaming and panic and into full on paralysis accompanies by uncontrolled shaking. When I asked if he wanted to go again with Daddy, he answered NEVER. I'm not sure he has forgiven us for taking him on that ride yet.

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We saw Beauty and the Beast -- the musical and LOVED it.

And the Lights, Motors, Action Stunt show -- which is just amazing car stunts.

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We saw many characters that day, but green army guy was one of the few with no line.


Here is Owen about to board toy story mania -- you can see his 3D glasses do a lot of good!



We ended up getting 2 fast passes to Toy story mania, timing things perfectly to walk right in for the Little Mermaid show.


And then walking right in at 7 for Fantasmic and getting perfect seats. We managed every ride and nearly every show and had yet another great day!!!!! We left the park and had dinner at Sweet Tomatoes (one of the kids favorite restaurants from TX that is not in CT) and even made it back to the hotel in time to go on a quick swim!

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