Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I can't believe I had to take Owen to the ER

Now, for those of you who know me I don't particularly like taking my kids to the doctor. I know this sounds totally proud and arrogant, but I just hate feeling hostage to someone else for the treatment of my child simply because they have a degree that I don't have. So, when Owen came to me and told me he stuck a craisen up his nose I was pretty confident I would be able to get it out. I have had friend's kids do this and I have advised them and helped them. I know what to do and what to try. So, first I looked up his nose. I could see the craisen. It was pretty far up there. I knew that the best way to get it out is to use my finger to close his other nostril and place my mouth over his mouth and blow. Yes, it sounds creepy. Yes, it is not the most hygienic. But it is something that a parent can do that not even their doctor will do and it really works. It just didn't work for me. First, having never done it before my mind immediately remembered my lessons from infant CPR and blowing too hard and over inflating the lungs. I was not sure how hard I could blow, so I exercised considerable restraint. I tried 10 or more times but nothing. Secondly, I think the main problem was that the craisen was not completely obstructing air flow and so despite my blowing the air just moved around the craisen. Third, it was hard to do because Owen was crying.

Next I got out my baby blue bulb aspirator. I tried and tried. Owen cried and cried. I had to restrain him by placing his head between my thighs with his feet pointed the same direction as my feet and then placing each of his arms under my legs. It is a kind and gentle restraint, but it is so effective at immobilization that Owen was absolutely screaming.

Lastly I duct taped a hard straw to the end of my vacuum hand held tube. But I just didn't have enough hands to restrain him, position the straw part, flip the vacuum switch, and switch it off, so rather than give up I called a friend over to help me. We tried and gave it out best effort, but I could not get that stupid craisen out.

I called my doctor's office and naturally they were out for lunch from 12:30 - 2:00 and all my big kids had so many activities that I needed to be home starting at 3:00 so I felt like I had no choice but to run him to the local ER (which is about 2 min away). They got us right in. The doctor tried little forceps while a nurse and I restrained Owen. He had no luck.

Then he tried a larger nasal aspirator . . . no luck. Then he tried a suction thing (that oddly looked like my vacuum tube with a straw except that the tubing was flexible). no luck.

By now, Owen was in a frenzy. His nose was bleeding and swelling and the craisen was no longer visible. The doctor felt like the best idea was to send us home and watch him and let his body try and work it out. If it had been a marble or button then they would sedate him, but for a soft thing like a craisen that would continue to soften he hoped that it would break up and Owen would either swallow it or sneeze it out. I thought, "thanks for nothing, doc."

Geez, I can't wait to get that bill.

He stuck a craisen up his nose.   #lovetheER Home from the ER. Chocolate ice cream and hot chocolate is what he wanted.  The docs couldn't get the craisen out either. They said warm drinks and saline to soften it and it'll be gone soon enough. Home from the ER. Chocolate ice cream and hot chocolate is what he wanted.

Monday, April 29, 2013

He's iphone saavy. . . too iphone saavy!

 photo null_zps84950ca1.png

Honestly I saw those 2 comments on my lock screen and nearly freaked out since I gave Owen my phone to play with while I showered. I was so relieved to see a blurred picture of a floor and not a naked photo of me on instagram. He may not get to play with my phone too much if he insists on posting photos to instagram. Eventually my "luck" will run out!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Owen in the kitchen

Helping make pizza. Covered in flour. Why do I even dress him somedays???

more messmaker than helper. . .

what age does that switch??? hmmmmm?

Saturday, April 27, 2013

I takes a lot to tire Owen Out

I gave it my best. 3 softball games, household chores, 1 baseball game.

Baseball buddy!

Finally the nap arrived.

Tuckered out!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

My boys

Why is his face dirty so often?  I was never going to be one of those moms.

Why is his face dirty so often? I was never going to be one of those moms.

And if dirt isn't enough, we've added a variety of scrapes and scratches that won't wash off. #thankyourecess

And if dirt isn't enough, we've added a variety of scrapes and scratches that won't wash off.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Taking pictures of something other than my kids

Today I got to photograph these darling miniature gardens. It was so fun to do something kind of "out of the box". I mean how often do we really look at miniature gardens? The variety was surprisingly refreshing and it was a good reminder to change up routines and find new things to do and see.

DSC_9843 photo DSC_9843_zpse177aa5d.jpg

DSC_9852 photo DSC_9852_zpsf746b57c.jpg

DSC_9863 photo DSC_9863_zps6cebb530.jpg

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Field Trip to Legoland

The day finally arrived. Adam has been anxiously awaiting his field trip to Legoland. (note -- this is not like the large amusement park in California, it is a small scale Lego themed playland for ages 10 and under). Owen and I met his class there and we had fun together. Surprisingly it was not too crowded (despite 6 kindergarten classes there.) It did remind me to be grateful to all the kindergarten teachers out there who teach every day.

We are having fun together!!! (At least that is what I am telling myself)

Monday, April 22, 2013

He "kinda" needs a nap

Owen doesn't usually nap. Today he was unusually grumpy. After going to the bathroom he refused to put on his jeans. He was cranky and mad and finally I walked into the other room to have a break from his whining. I walked back in a few minutes later because he was quiet and I assumed he was getting into something. But no, he was asleep on the leather ottoman, sweating with his face next to the sticky leather.

DSC_9806 photo DSC_9806_zpsdea4c52a.jpg

I moved him to his bed and he took a great nap. I got so much done I started wishing he would take more naps, but then when he woke up he was grumpy from sleep inertia. And then here he is at 10:30 p.m. wide awake.

DSC_9840 photo DSC_9840_zpsdc49597f.jpg

I don't think his naps are worth it.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Smoothie silliness

After a lazy Sunday afternoon we enjoyed a round of smoothies. The kids were SILLY.

DSC_9798 photo DSC_9798_zpsacee28dd.jpg

DSC_9799 photo DSC_9799_zpsf3905106.jpg

DSC_9800 photo DSC_9800_zps8d8dddcd.jpg

DSC_9801 photo DSC_9801_zps0dbfcf65.jpg

DSC_9802 photo DSC_9802_zps81d146af.jpg

DSC_9803 photo DSC_9803_zpsc8c9a6ae.jpg

DSC_9804 photo DSC_9804_zpse1b1092c.jpg

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Long time friends

This weekend the Tidwells came to stay with us. We have been friends with them for nearly 20 years. Jennie and I met as freshman roommates in Helaman Halls at BYU. We have been friends ever since.

00660_n_11aglggrjw0644 photo 00660_n_11aglggrjw0644_zpsbf36849b.jpg

We both have married, had kids, been next door neighbors, lived in the same town and then lived far apart. In fact it had been 2 1/2 years since I had seen Jennie and 6 years since I had seen her whole family. But, we fell back into great conversation, laughter, and fun. The kids hit it off and played and played. I am always amazed that when I am having such a great time I take very few photos. But here are some of the kids playing in the pool and enjoying cereal for breakfast.

DSC_9793 photo DSC_9793_zps065e585e.jpg

DSC_9794 photo DSC_9794_zps46acec2d.jpg

DSC_9795 photo DSC_9795_zps4a1be139.jpgDSC_9797 photo DSC_9797_zps133bd6b5.jpg

Friday, April 19, 2013

Monday, April 15, 2013

Owen at the library

I'm not sure if he is really gaining a love of literacy.

I think he loved the library today!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Headed back home

I truly had a wonderful weekend filled with family and memories but I am always glad to be heading home to my family.  Here is everyone but Carrie (who flew out of Redding) on the shuttle to the airport from the rental car return place.

On the way home.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Redding CA - day 2 - the funeral

My 2 brothers drove in from Sacramento after midnight and so it was fun to wake up hearing their laughter through the hotel walls. We decided to take a morning drive up to Lake Shasta (which is where we would go on the houseboat with Chuck and Tami) during many a summer of my growing up. The lake was just how I remembered it.

DSC_9434 photo DSC_9434_zps7a5c7f57.jpg

DSC_9437 photo DSC_9437_zpsd190b995.jpg

DSC_9443 photo DSC_9443_zps937731b6.jpg

DSC_9446 photo DSC_9446_zpsc3b9ea35.jpg

Tyler serenaded all of us at the hotel lobby.

DSC_9447 photo DSC_9447_zpsc0a0df5e.jpg
Here is the hearst.

DSC_9450 photo DSC_9450_zps5798e652.jpg
So many friends were helping out making the day so beautiful.  The chapel was filled with flowers and the decorations for the luncheon were amazing.

DSC_9453 photo DSC_9453_zps22a53791.jpg

DSC_9454 photo DSC_9454_zps180c72d2.jpg

Here are Candace, Chuck and Chad in the final family viewing.

DSC_9455 photo DSC_9455_zps9dcc55d7.jpg

DSC_9459 photo DSC_9459_zpsa602cea3.jpg

DSC_9462 photo DSC_9462_zps01591a06.jpg

My Dad and his fiance, Sally

DSC_9465 photo DSC_9465_zps54dca91f.jpg

Aunt Terri and Carrie

DSC_9468 photo DSC_9468_zpsf0f2079b.jpg

Cousin Mitch and Tyler

DSC_9516 photo DSC_9516_zps4dd93bcd.jpg

My siblings -- Shad, Me, Amber, Carrie, and Tyler

DSC_9521 photo DSC_9521_zps7970067d.jpg

All of us with Sally and my Dad.

DSC_9560 photo DSC_9560_zps12ee4ffa.jpg

Some of the flowers at the cemetery.

DSC_9611 photo DSC_9611_zpsd7b2d406.jpg

All of us at the cemetery.

DSC_9631 photo DSC_9631_zpsd436f9e1.jpg

The cemetary was so peaceful.  It was a natural setting and gorgeous.

DSC_9634 photo DSC_9634_zps04511f14.jpg

Here is their dog, Lucky waiting for Tami :(

DSC_9635 photo DSC_9635_zps57d355d7.jpg

Tami's yard was beautiful.  Every flower and bush was planted very specifically.  It was like heaven walking through her gardens.  She had several fountains.  

DSC_9636 photo DSC_9636_zps6ec0bb6d.jpg

DSC_9637 photo DSC_9637_zps1e01bfa9.jpg

All of us cousins, aunts and uncles came back to the house and played games and even jumped on the trampoline.  I had to show them I still had "my stuff!"

906699_133208263531680_63177144_o photo 906699_133208263531680_63177144_o_zps493c68e3.jpg