Friday, November 27, 2009

A Thanksgiving Spotlight Q&A

Q: What is your favorite pie?
I love nearly all pies – but I hate pie crust. I always eat only the filling leaving the slimy flaky crust to itself.

Q: DO you have a family tradition for Thanksgiving?
Besides overeating???? Not really

Q: Do you listen to Holiday music before Thanksgiving?
Yes and no. Yes because my kids play the piano and are practicing holiday pieces before thanksgiving to have them ready by Christmas – in fact this year they started on them before Halloween . . . but as far as popping in a CD of Christmas music – no, not until the day after thanksgiving.

Q: Can you share a Thanksgiving disaster story? (meals, traveling, fire in the kitchen, relatives etc.?)

The only funny thanksgiving story is from when Trent and I were dating. I really liked Trent and wanted to spend Thanksgiving with him and all he really knew about my family is that I was from Texas. So when he asked me if I had any plans for the holidays I might have said something like . . . “nope, just sitting here in the apartment talking to my family on the phone.” When the reality is that my Grandparents , and 3 different Aunts and Uncles who lived in Utah had all invited me to spend Thanksgiving with them. He must have felt bad enough that I would be alone so he invited me to his house for the weekend.

Q: What is your favorite thing to eat during the Holidays?

Mashed potatoes made with cream and butter.

Q: Where was the farthest you have traveled to spend a Thanksgiving?

from Texas to Utah

Q: What is your favorite kitchen tool?
no one favorite -- kitchen gadgetry is a bit of an addiction for me. I love my sharp knife, my IKEA cheese grater, my blender (so I can blend my salsa -- it tastes so much better blended), my pizza pans, my bread machine that I have never used to make bread, but use it to make roll dough 2-3 times each week.

Q: What would you do if you were given a full 24 hour to yourself TOMORROW?

Read, nap, finish a couple of projects, start my Christmas shopping

Q: What is your favorite day of the week and why?

I like them all for different reasons – Monday – because I crave routine and order, Friday – for homemade pizza and a movie with the kids, Saturday—because Trent is around and we do fun things all together Sunday—because we all relax together, Wednesday or Thursday – because it is Pizza day at school and I don’t have to pack lunches.

Q: Where/when did you meet your spouse?

at BYU at the beginning of our sophomore year 1995 – Trent was 21 and just home from a mission and I was 19. We married a year later.

Q: How many kids do you have?
4 kids– 3 girls and then a boy-- ages 9,7,5,3 (it almost looks like we planned them doesn’t it?)

Q: Where is your favorite place to vacation?
Right now with the kids – Disney and to see family
Right now without the kids – ANYWHERE

Q: What is your hobby?
What isn’t my hobby??? I like everything and have dabbled in all of the following . . . reading, writing, sewing quilting, embroidery, crocheting, organizing, blogging, decorating, cooking, running, swimming, basketball, volleyball, softball, politics, stamping, making cards, scrapbooking, fishing, skiing, waterskiing, etc. . .
But if a hobby is how you spend your time – well then I can’t forget these hobbies, folding clothes, clearing dishes, picking up toys, and saying, “hurry” as often as possible

Q: In what town did you grow up?

Houston, TX

Q: Do you play an instrument?

piano, organ

Q: What is the hardest thing you have accomplished?
hmmmm . . . that is a a hard question . . . does answering the question count????
well getting a bachelor's, teaching certificate and masters degree all in 5 years seemed hard at the time
running the ragnar relay seemed especially hard physically
but honestly-- making it through the day with 4 kids, having fun together doing all the mundane, normal tasks and knowing by the end of the day that I was patient and loving with them -- well that is the hardest thing I do -- and I have to do it every day, day after day, that is why it wins the award as the hardest.

Q: Are you a night owl or early bird?

whatever the need may be – no preference for one over the other I just hate it when I have to do both at the same time. In my ideal world I would go to sleep around 10:45 and wake around 7.

Q: What are 2 things you are thankful for this year?

my children and my husband

Q: What is your favorite store in New Canaan? Why?
Do I shop in New Canaan??? Can I afford it???? But I do go to the food emporium (which I hate) cuz it sure solves a dinner crisis on occasion and ds because I just like everything in the store even if I think it is all unbelievably overpriced.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Another bird episode


I sent Madelyn outside to get a ball that had been left on the porch. She came in and said, "Mom, there is sure a big bird in the sun room." I thought I misunderstood her. "What??? a big ball???"


I opened the door and yep, a hawk or falcon of some kind is frantically flying through the screened in porch.


No idea. The only thing I can think is that it was scared by the lawn crew yesterday and flew so hard into one of the screens that it pushed through, as there is one screen now where the corner is loose. And It was not loose before.

Well, I am off to clean the screened in porch. There are feathers and bird crap and regurgitated mouse entrails all over. Sounds like fun huh

So my ornithology classes are a good decade in the past -- but I am not sure what it is --

not a cooper hawk, not a peregrin, not a harris hawk

I am thinking maybe a red tailed juvenile? as it did not have the red tail??

come on Carrie or Dad. . . I expect identification . . . soon

Friday, November 20, 2009

Save the Date

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Join us at Catherine's baptism.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009