Thursday, January 29, 2009

A bunch of stuff

  • My computer is working (for the moment) -- it has suddenly developed a fear of being turned on (it goes on then goes off then goes on then goes off all before Windows even boots up) and 1 time in 100 it will start. I called HP -- after 2 hours on line with a tech who ran every test possible -- he states, "Well, now that I have checked out everything and your computer has no user created problem, I can tell you that it is under a recall for a video driver that causes this problem and we will mail you a box and we will keep it for 5-9 business days and you will get it back and it will work like new." WHAT!!!! How can I live for 5-9 business days without my computer????? How can I keep track of my calendar, email my friends, read blogs, pay bills, design stamps, teach a class on blogging next wednesday, and SURVIVE?
  • Adam is so cute -- I was laying with him and he says, "Mom, do the Ha shoes!" I said, what??? He lays down and closes his eyes and then makes snoring noises . . .." huuuuuu, choo" So I lay down and make the snoring sound and he was so happy -- now he asks all the time for the "Ha shoes"
  • Yesterday the kids were home for a snow day -- so was Trent -- it snowed 4-5 inches and then started raining -- not exactly the funnest for outside play so we were all cooped up. Then you add the fact that Trent was on "important" work phone calls all day (so the kids needed to be a little on the quiet side combined with me on the phone with tech support for the computer for 2 hours and it was ONE LONG DAY!
  • Today was a 90 minute delay for school and I love this. I don't tell the kids about it and right when it is time to head out to the bus I inform them that they have 90 minutes to play. All the chores are done, the lunches are packed, the backpacks are ready and we have 90 minutes to have fun together. I LOVE IT we had such a good time. The kids wanted to read Harry Potter and then watch the corresponding chapter on the movie. We had a great morning. I wish every morning could be like this -- (although I think they would catch on and it wouldn't quite work.)

Friday, January 23, 2009


On my birthday, I went to get the mail and inside the mailbox was the cutest wrapped package. It was all wrapped in clear cellophane with a beautiful ribbon. I could see immediately a box of chocolates (from a local CT chocolatier) and a book. I was so excited to open it, eat it, read it and of course see who had been so thoughtful.

But there was no card. I looked and looked and then looked again. I walked back out to the mailbox to see if it was still in there. (it wasn't) I carefully walked back to the house to see if I had dropped it (i hadn't).

And then I made a few phone calls -- I thought at first it must be my friend who loves ribbon --
nope -- then maybe my visting teacher from church-- nope well then maybe this friend -- nope and so on.

I still don't know who gave it to me. But I loved getting it. The anonymity thing has even been kind of fun -- I just really hope that the person meant for it to be anonymous and isn't sitting at home wondering why I never mentioned the gift or said thank-you.

I have decided not to ask anymore people about it -- although it does make for some funny responses like "Oh . . . did you just have a birthday?"

The thing is I just feel like I am missing knowing who a great friend is. Being new to the area I don't have a good feel for what quiet friend I have made who would have done such a nice thing. It has made me start to see everyone as a better friend simply because it could have been that person who did it and I will never know.

So, anonymous friend, if for some reason you are reading this . . . thanks -- It really made my day.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Trent and Jamie

When it comes to certain things in life, we have very different points of view.

For instance -- once while driving our trusty green cavalier a piece of scaffolding fell off a truck in front of us on the freeway-- the scaffolding hit the front left tire and blew it completely out and somehow I managed to get over to the shoulder of 610 just before the big ship channel bridge (we were on our way to Kemah). My brother Shad and Trent managed to put on the spare and we headed to get a new tire.

WE CAME HOME WITH 4 NEW TIRES -- and why???? so they would match. Not because the others were worn or old, but so they would match. Trent COULD NOT drive in a car whose tires did not match. I told him, that I would notice if a rim or hubcap did not match but that never -- NEVER -- once in my life would I ever notice the actual tire, the black part not matching. (and yes, I would have bought 2 tires so that the 2 front tires would be the same -- so that the wear would be even and not cause the alignment to be all screwy) but 4 tires was a bit much for me -- (and also a bit much more money!)

But that is just how we are . . . Jamie is not at all in the minute details -- Trent lives in the details. And if the saying is "God is in the details ". . . well then Trent is well on his way to meeting him!

So fast forward to 2009. Trent has been needing new dress pants for work . . . for some time. He has been shopping and shopping and shopping -- but none of them are right.

My perspective is this -- THEY ARE PANTS! How hard can it be? They all look the same. They are darkish or grayish and they either have cuffs or they don't and they are either pleated or not and they all end up looking pretty much the same so it should not be so hard to find pants.

But Trent is on a mission. See, he found the perfect, PERFECT pants/trouser/slacks/dress pants/whatever you call them two years ago at Macy's. He loves them. They are the perfect cut for his tastes, they are superfine gabardine wool, they are lined to the knees, the pockets are black, there is a notch in the back, they have pleats and a cuff and HE LOVES THEM. And no matter where he looks he cannot find them, nor can he find anything that compares. So he shops and shops and comes home frustrated.

I have been frustrated that he can't find these pants because I don't want to hear about it anymore and I don't want to go shopping with him for pants anymore. I started asking, "Are you sure they still make them? ("Well, no I am not sure) Did you look on ebay? ("I am not buying these on ebay!) Did you look up the label and see if they are even still in business?

And then my phone rang last Thursday. It was Trent. He was at work. He had been stewing about this pants thing and finally called the designers offices. He found out where they are being sold. (The closest place to CT was in Atlanta). He called there and ordered his pants over the phone. They arrived yesterday. I don't know if I have ever seen him so happy. As he tried each pair on he was lauding all their merits, their comfort. . . And I think it is the HUNTER in him (and in every man)-- It is like he finally caught Moby dick, finally shot the elusive buck. He was happy because he tracked those pants all over the country and finally they were no match for his skills.

And I think they look like pants.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Pet Party

For Catherine's birthday party she wanted a pet theme. So at her party, we enlisted the help of our neighbors and friends to bring their sweet pets to show everyone at the party. We had 5 dogs, 1 kitten, and 1 bird come. It was a hit. The kids were so good and calm. Enjoy the pictures.

Happy Birthday to Catherine

Catherine is 7 years old now. She weighs 52.2 lbs and is 49.5 inches tall. She has lost 2 teeth and desperately needs to lose 2 more!

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Not the meanest mom ever

Earlier this week, Julianne left her lunchbox on the bus in the morning on the way to school. Her lunch box contained her brand new thermos with Ramen noodles in it. She was inconsolable. Her teacher finally called me at 10:00 a.m. (since telling her she would just have to buy lunch was not making her happy.) I dutifully drove to the bus barn, found her lunch, drove to the school, and dropped it off for her.

That night she said, "Mom, you know . . . you're not the meanest mom ever because not all moms would have gone looking for their kids' lunchboxes, thanks!"

So if I am not THE meanest, what am I? 2nd? 3rd? and so then which one of you is THE meanest?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

33 years old
still 5 ' 4''
but this year -- 153 lbs

Last year I posted on my birthday and I planned then to make it an annual tradition. I only wish I could go back and see a picture from each year (and see my weight!). I think it would be a lot of fun to see the changes through time.

Many of you commented (both on my blog and to me personally) about including my weight and I will say this -- all year I knew I was gonna post it again today and so although it did not cause any drastic weight loss -- It was nice to know that there would be some accountability if I had gained any. And if I lost 1 pound a year or even stayed the same weight year to year it would be a victory.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Coupons -- A love hate relationship

I love getting a good deal and love using coupons but I hate, HATE, hate clipping them and haven't done so for years. I have a friends blog that is inspiring me to do a little more . . . and she shows lots of things out there that involve no coupon clipping -- like ebates.

Maybe you are trying to stretch your dollar too -- if so here is her blog.

Also I found a great way to organize coupons (and you never have to clip them!)

Anyway -- just thought I would share my learning with you all!

Monday, January 5, 2009

My new little business adventure

I love stamps. I have collected rubber stamps since I was a kid.
I also love personalizing things.
Awhile back I bought a personalized stamp. I love it! It is one of my favorite things. The thing is that I was pretty sure I could design one myself that I would like just as much as the one I bought. . . and I actually like my designs even more! And then some of my friends saw the one I made and they wanted some . . . and before I knew it -- I had a little business going.

So far I have only these 2 designs. But more are to come. If you ever wanted a custom stamp for you . . . I happen to know where you can get one.

Come visit Yankee Doodle Handy!

Happy New Year!

What a week we had (and for you sake I won't include any pictures). Starting last Monday night, Madelyn woke at midnight and started throwing up. We happened to be visiting my sister in Cape Cod. It is so much fun to have a sick child at someone else's home! She recovered by Tuesday afternoon. On Wednesday we drove back home (a normally 4 hour drive) -- but thanks to the snow and Rhode Island's lack of doing ANYTHING about it we were on the road 8 hours. We took the kids to a little new year's eve party at church (they were so anxious to run around and be crazy!). We celebrated the new year at 10 and came home and went to bed. A little after midnight, Julianne started throwing up (with the first one all over our bed -- YUCK). Yet again another night of little sleep and lots of throw up. New Year's day Adam threw up and Julianne finally stopped around 3:00 in the afternoon. Friday everyone felt good. We took it easy and went to a matinee of BOLT. Saturday we went grocery shopping and tried to get all ready for going back to school and work. Sunday morning, Catherine started throwing up.

HOPEFULLY, whatever thing has invaded our home finally can leave! All 4 kids (but neither Trent nor I) have had it. I have never washed my hands so much. What a start to the New Year.