Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Coupons -- A love hate relationship

I love getting a good deal and love using coupons but I hate, HATE, hate clipping them and haven't done so for years. I have a friends blog that is inspiring me to do a little more . . . and she shows lots of things out there that involve no coupon clipping -- like ebates.

Maybe you are trying to stretch your dollar too -- if so here is her blog.


Also I found a great way to organize coupons (and you never have to clip them!)


Anyway -- just thought I would share my learning with you all!


Marci said...

I've been trying to learn from Melissa's wisdom for a few months now and I'm doing much better...she's definitely inspiring :-)!
Your stamps are so cute by the way!

Kelli said...

When I lived in orem, I belonged to this mail list that would mail out all the local stores deals, it was so fun. I then got all the neighbors sunday coupons, it was great but now, I generally dont by name brands. I am going to look these two sights over, I might learn something and saving money is so worth it. Thanks for the links.

Allison said...

These are great sites. Thank you. I am with you, I like to use coupons, just not cut them out and look for them. I am all about getting a great deal.