Friday, January 23, 2009


On my birthday, I went to get the mail and inside the mailbox was the cutest wrapped package. It was all wrapped in clear cellophane with a beautiful ribbon. I could see immediately a box of chocolates (from a local CT chocolatier) and a book. I was so excited to open it, eat it, read it and of course see who had been so thoughtful.

But there was no card. I looked and looked and then looked again. I walked back out to the mailbox to see if it was still in there. (it wasn't) I carefully walked back to the house to see if I had dropped it (i hadn't).

And then I made a few phone calls -- I thought at first it must be my friend who loves ribbon --
nope -- then maybe my visting teacher from church-- nope well then maybe this friend -- nope and so on.

I still don't know who gave it to me. But I loved getting it. The anonymity thing has even been kind of fun -- I just really hope that the person meant for it to be anonymous and isn't sitting at home wondering why I never mentioned the gift or said thank-you.

I have decided not to ask anymore people about it -- although it does make for some funny responses like "Oh . . . did you just have a birthday?"

The thing is I just feel like I am missing knowing who a great friend is. Being new to the area I don't have a good feel for what quiet friend I have made who would have done such a nice thing. It has made me start to see everyone as a better friend simply because it could have been that person who did it and I will never know.

So, anonymous friend, if for some reason you are reading this . . . thanks -- It really made my day.


Kelli said...

how sweet, literally! and fun!

Amber said...

It wasn't me :)
I didn't even send a card (I'm a good sis, I know) but at least I remembered to call!
I bet you figure it out someday...

The Nixon Family said...

i wish i could have been close enough to do that. we miss you guys on days when we just want to hang!!!