Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I had my first guitar lesson

The thing about writing down your goals publicly is that you do indeed feel accountable to them.  Even if no one reads my blog.  So this past Saturday, the coach of the opposing team at Adam's basketball game was carrying a guitar out to his car following the game.  We chatted about the guitar and it turns out he teaches lessons.  Well, that is one easy way to find a guitar teacher.  I figured if I am gonna really do this I should just do it.  So I said, "I want to take guitar lessons!"

He called me back and today was my first lesson.  I really liked it.  I took my guitar in to get it re-strung and then even had to borrow a guitar from a friend so I could practice.  I almost bought a new guitar too at the guitar shop . . .  but then I figured I better make sure I stick to this for more than 2 months before buying another guitar.

So, facetime me for a rather unspectacular version of Horse with no name.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Wanted -- warm sunny day

I am all for a little cool weather for the holidays -- thanksgiving to Christmas.  But, it is now practically the middle of January, and I am officially done with cold weather.  Especially on a Sunday when we are done with church at noon.

So here are the indoor things we did . . .  piano, just dance, coloring, laundry, eating, Madelyn made fudge, we played rook, we watched football, the boys played some xbox, we watched some of the golden globes, had ice cream, watched downton abbey, and more . . .

Sunday afternoons are long -- maybe next week we will want to be outside.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Catherine is a teenager!

[Think of all cliches about time flying and add them here]

n_v11aglggb8w0409 photo n_v11aglggb8w0409_zps0ef2ea53.jpg

n_v11aglggb8w0415 photo n_v11aglggb8w0415_zpseae0efd7.jpg

n_v11aglggb8w0570 photo n_v11aglggb8w0570_zpsc1d28263.jpg

n_v11aglggb8w0553_b photo n_v11aglggb8w0553_b_zpsbc5a5a86.jpg

n_v11aglggb8w0549_z photo n_v11aglggb8w0549_z_zps2f16c906.jpg

n_v11aglggb8w0545 photo n_v11aglggb8w0545_zps4781c309.jpg

n_v11aglggb8w0515 photo n_v11aglggb8w0515_zps3456bbb2.jpg

n_v11aglggb8w0512 photo n_v11aglggb8w0512_zps64f13554.jpg

n_v11ah3q3kcm0537 photo n_v11ah3q3kcm0537_zps1375d087.jpg

n_v11ah3q3kcm0469 photo n_v11ah3q3kcm0469_zpsf22922d4.jpg

DSC_0318 photo DSC_0318_zps4dbe89f5.jpg

Because, just like that Catherine is now a beautiful, talented, fun-loving teenager who I love being with.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Just a few things

From 8:30 - 12:30 the AT&T tech is supposed to come.
From 9-2 the home alarm tech is to come
Sometime this morning the wood floor is supposed to be delivered (for a small section we are removing the carpet and putting in wood floor)
The outside Christmas tree lights are supposed to be taken down.

I need to get the oil changed in the van.
I called and have a clock repairman coming to check on the grandfather clock.
There are a lot of lightbulbs I need to buy.

Keeping a house going is really time consuming.  I tried to get it all scheduled in one day . . .  but

The At&t tech couldn't fix the problem.
The wood floor company ordered the wrong size planks.
The weather kept the Christmas light company from coming.

so I suspect I have many more days of "just wait around" ahead.

I did get the oil changed -- my only small victory.

Thursday, January 8, 2015


I spoke with the speech therapist yesterday afternoon confirming that I had gotten all the documents and would be at the school for the ARD for Madelyn's speech at 8 am today.  I had it on my calendar, I had a plan.  I got up in the morning and got ready for it and at 7:30, Madelyn started complaining that her throat hurt and she wanted to stay home from school.  I was trying to decide if this was real or just slight exaggeration.  In the meantime, Catherine jumped on the bandwagon saying her throat hurt a little too and she should stay home.  Now, they had both been up already for a while (we have piano lessons from 6 am - 7:30 am) and there had been no complaining before.  I certainly don't want sick kids to go to school, but I also don't want well kids to miss school and have to make up all the work.

I suggested that they could both stay home, relax on the couch and help fold the 10 loads of laundry that needed to be done.  Before I could say anything Madelyn was curled up on the couch folding laundry.  Catherine, though, was sprinting through the house frantically trying to get ready for school.  She missed the bus at 8:00 and so I quickly got Owen dressed and we got in the van about 8:15 to take Catherine to school.

My cell phone rang at 8:20.  It was the speech therapist. I had missed the ARD.

It's amazing how a slight change of plans has the ability to derail the whole schedule.

Catherine was perfectly fine all day.  Madelyn rested and seems fine.  There has not been a single complaint about sore throats since this morning.