Monday, August 26, 2013

The first day of School

The day finally arrived! The kids were ready!

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The rest of our Utah Trip -- Sunday through Wednesday

On Sunday, we went to church and relaxed. Everyone came over for the evening. Trent flew home Monday morning so that he could get going back at work.

 photo null_zps2aef1da6.jpg

 The kids and I met one of my Aunt's for lunch.

 photo null_zps442f3c8a.jpg  photo null_zpsfc6f0572.jpg

Then we met Sarah Brown (some old time friends) and her kids at the Taylorsville rec pool. We had fun catching up! Then we met Heidi and her boys and saw Turbo. That night Adam spent the night at Jennie and Russ's and Isabel spent the night with the girls. On Tuesday, I took pictures of Becky's little girl, Emily. Owen was my assistant! Isn't he cute!

DSC_2949 photo DSC_2949_zpsc3abb47b.jpg DSC_2948 photo DSC_2948_zpsa68ea3e9.jpg DSC_2947 photo DSC_2947_zps34fc71cb.jpg

Then we went to Jennie's house and switched back kids, had some chick-fil-a and then all met at Uncle Steve's house to swim. Then it was time to pack up. We flew home Wednesday. The kids did great. It was a long day. We left Trent's parents house at 6:45 am. We flew through PHX, OKC, and then Dallas Love field before finally arriving home at about 4:30 p.m. It felt good to be home! Homeward bound! M&m's are getting us through. On our last stop SLC -PHX-OKC -now to Dallas Love field.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Family Reunion day

Today we spent the whole day with all of Trent's family. 7 kids, 6 spouses (although Nelson wasn't with us), and 16 grandkids. We met at Jennie's home and started an "Amazing Race." We had a lot of fun following clues all over. Then we picnicked in the park. Then we met at a stake bowery to do a slip n slide and shoot off soda bottles. Then we had dinner at Trent's parents and the kids watched Dennis the menace outside. We had a lot of fun with everyone!

DSC_2839 photo DSC_2839_zps5cd52929.jpg DSC_2837 photo DSC_2837_zps5a99fbf0.jpg DSC_2835 photo DSC_2835_zpsc8e41fff.jpg DSC_2834 photo DSC_2834_zps345feaf0.jpg DSC_2833 photo DSC_2833_zpsf4edf1bf.jpg DSC_2832 photo DSC_2832_zps4b257d82.jpg DSC_2830 photo DSC_2830_zps0222d914.jpg DSC_2829 photo DSC_2829_zps8392a454.jpg DSC_2828 photo DSC_2828_zpsb3c1ca5d.jpg DSC_2827 photo DSC_2827_zps935ba378.jpg DSC_2826 photo DSC_2826_zps9ec92b96.jpg
 photo null_zps1672e560.jpg  photo null_zpsa59784b6.jpg  photo null_zps60f0a83d.jpg  photo null_zps50f4a5cc.jpg  photo null_zps3e3c21b1.jpg  photo null_zpsfbf87386.jpg
DSC_2850 photo DSC_2850_zpsc643ce0b.jpg DSC_2849 photo DSC_2849_zpsf408f5ac.jpg DSC_2848 photo DSC_2848_zpsbb75c33b.jpg DSC_2847 photo DSC_2847_zps39f1dbd9.jpg DSC_2846 photo DSC_2846_zps625101fb.jpg DSC_2845 photo DSC_2845_zps3495a10e.jpg DSC_2844 photo DSC_2844_zps3864178e.jpg
DSC_2858 photo DSC_2858_zpse45b8c6a.jpg DSC_2854 photo DSC_2854_zps02b1a7e0.jpg DSC_2853 photo DSC_2853_zps25eb075a.jpg DSC_2852 photo DSC_2852_zps90e68fb3.jpg

Friday, August 16, 2013

Clark's planetarium, discovery gateway

Our last of the Utah touristy things . . ..

DSC_2824 photo DSC_2824_zpsfa94ed3c.jpg DSC_2821 photo DSC_2821_zps435897c2.jpg DSC_2819 photo DSC_2819_zps7963ec24.jpg DSC_2818 photo DSC_2818_zps3fd897b1.jpg

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Zoo

Today, Thursday, we headed to the zoo! Valerie and Camden met us there.

DSC_2816 photo DSC_2816_zpse51d3062.jpg DSC_2809 photo DSC_2809_zps266f8fad.jpg DSC_2800 photo DSC_2800_zps490fb670.jpg DSC_2798 photo DSC_2798_zps91abd221.jpg DSC_2797 photo DSC_2797_zps5f8527f8.jpg DSC_2795 photo DSC_2795_zpsaac77653.jpg DSC_2794 photo DSC_2794_zpsd0d66170.jpg DSC_2793 photo DSC_2793_zps0551db04.jpg DSC_2790 photo DSC_2790_zpsa8695dcb.jpg