Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Leonardo, city creek and temple square

Once in Utah, we got settled, drove to see Trent's grandma white and got a good night sleep. Today we had a busy day! We went to the new Leonardo museum, city creek mall and temple square.

DSC_2707 photo DSC_2707_zpsbd4550f8.jpgDSC_2708 photo DSC_2708_zps9d15bf14.jpgDSC_2709 photo DSC_2709_zpsd0e1048a.jpgDSC_2715 photo DSC_2715_zpsa9f2da7b.jpgDSC_2716 photo DSC_2716_zps2d17731f.jpgDSC_2719 photo DSC_2719_zpsd0c1a7e7.jpgDSC_2721 photo DSC_2721_zps0326a97f.jpgDSC_2727 photo DSC_2727_zps3a61cead.jpgDSC_2729 photo DSC_2729_zpscc485ffa.jpgDSC_2739 photo DSC_2739_zps02017805.jpgDSC_2740 photo DSC_2740_zpsb8cbdfdb.jpg

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