Saturday, August 10, 2013


Saturday was all about Family! We had a family reunion to pre-celebrate Baba's upcoming 90th birthday. It was fun to see everyone.

We all had gathered 10 years ago for her 80th birthday and it is amazing to see how much things have changed.
1074298_10200404117574057_372533200_o photo 1074298_10200404117574057_372533200_o_zps0b49ec6e.jpg This picture shows the 2 events side by side. On the left, it is Baba with most of her grandkids and great grandkids. On the right, only the great grandkids fit on the steps. I might have the count wrong . . . but I believe it is 4 sons, 17 great grandkids, and 32 great grandkids (with 2 on the way). Here is just the today version.

1172303_10152135170744112_1007577207_o photo 1172303_10152135170744112_1007577207_o_zps3d14b0fd.jpg

Here is my family with Baba and her sister, Mildred.

1102748_10152116445249112_2082213996_o photo 1102748_10152116445249112_2082213996_o_zpsb45c5160.jpg

Here is my dad and my siblings with Baba.

1150521_10152115293394112_1821944645_o photo 1150521_10152115293394112_1821944645_o_zpse4af31cd.jpg

After the brunch, nearly everyone headed to my uncle Mark's place in Hansville for his wedding reception. The day was beautiful and we enjoyed walking along the beach and visiting with family. We took the ferry back and ended the evening with a lovely crab dinner.
DSC_2582 photo DSC_2582_zps3955bc5c.jpg DSC_2591 photo DSC_2591_zps039ffd42.jpg DSC_2592 photo DSC_2592_zps824c8a7b.jpg DSC_2593 photo DSC_2593_zps341e60dd.jpg DSC_2595 photo DSC_2595_zps8356e320.jpg DSC_2596 photo DSC_2596_zps4430094a.jpg DSC_2602 photo DSC_2602_zps9b439f47.jpg DSC_2606 photo DSC_2606_zps27f8cfcc.jpg DSC_2612 photo DSC_2612_zps424bdb1f.jpg DSC_2618 photo DSC_2618_zpsf75c647c.jpg DSC_2625 photo DSC_2625_zpsacbd624a.jpg DSC_2626 photo DSC_2626_zps44616e50.jpg DSC_2627 photo DSC_2627_zpsc01f4b15.jpg DSC_2628 photo DSC_2628_zps8d7acb1c.jpg DSC_2630 photo DSC_2630_zps434a5de0.jpg DSC_2631 photo DSC_2631_zpsf651baa6.jpg DSC_2632 photo DSC_2632_zpsa97568f1.jpg DSC_2637 photo DSC_2637_zps1e91b0bc.jpg DSC_2639 photo DSC_2639_zpsf9d0fdeb.jpg DSC_2644 photo DSC_2644_zpsb59614d3.jpg DSC_2646 photo DSC_2646_zps0beaaa55.jpg DSC_2651 photo DSC_2651_zps976bf686.jpg DSC_2654 photo DSC_2654_zpsd1922925.jpg DSC_2656 photo DSC_2656_zps69ab10b6.jpg DSC_2659 photo DSC_2659_zps533a628a.jpg DSC_2662 photo DSC_2662_zpsb569f623.jpg DSC_2668 photo DSC_2668_zps6c015360.jpg DSC_2670 photo DSC_2670_zps95feb8c0.jpg

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