Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Thanksgiving point museum, BYU, and the natural rock water slide

Another busy day. We did the Museum of Ancient life at Thanksgiving point, drove down to BYU (where Heidi met up with us). We wandered around campus, did a little shopping and then headed to the water slide my brother told us about. It was about a mile hike and then VERY cold water!!!!

Pictures from the museum . . .

DSC_2763 photo DSC_2763_zpsa2c17736.jpg DSC_2762 photo DSC_2762_zps6e45fa3a.jpg DSC_2760 photo DSC_2760_zps7a485ef7.jpg DSC_2759 photo DSC_2759_zpsaef970a8.jpg DSC_2758 photo DSC_2758_zpsc7a4c87f.jpg DSC_2757 photo DSC_2757_zps6bc02e77.jpg DSC_2755 photo DSC_2755_zps760d1085.jpg DSC_2754 photo DSC_2754_zpsbdae258b.jpg DSC_2753 photo DSC_2753_zps9a24ddaa.jpg DSC_2752 photo DSC_2752_zpsd8ed0218.jpg DSC_2751 photo DSC_2751_zpse30ae908.jpg DSC_2750 photo DSC_2750_zpse0d4d843.jpg
Here are some from BYU

DSC_2775 photo DSC_2775_zps9fac0a17.jpg DSC_2770 photo DSC_2770_zps3b677be7.jpg
 photo null_zps214db11f.jpg

And some from the water slide in Alpine.

 photo null_zps206bbac8.png  photo null_zps747b8c61.jpg  photo null_zpsf4d5a082.jpg  photo null_zps2ca7542e.jpg

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