Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday - dr. appt's and pizza

Julianne and Catherine had their well visits this morning and then I took them shopping. They seemed to think that since they got shots, they should get to ride around the store in the cart! After that we made a lot of pizza and I made a shirt for my friend.

Owen (feeling all better) gets to accompany his sisters to their well visits (they're less than thrilled to be here). He found a plane to ride, toy story is playing in the waiting room, & his orange "Owen" shirt is finally dry (we painted it yesterday).Catherine is saying, "don't take a picture".  Both are passing the time with iPhones. Catherine is wearing BYU shirt we made yesterday.After both getting shots, the girls wanted to ride in the cart at the grocery store. I told them I would push them if I could post it on Instagram!My helpers. We cranked out 8 homemade pizzas today!  Yummy!  ThanksI'm having way too much fun making my own custom t-shirts. This one made to give a friend flying out to help her sister-in-law who just had a baby.  She suspects the husband is anxious for her to clean and organize the whole house. I told her,"this will d

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