Wednesday, August 7, 2013

First Day of Vacation in Seattle!

We had an early flight and so stayed up late last night trying to get everything ready knowing it would be a busy, busy day.

We are on our way. It's a good thing vacations are fun after the "Herculean" effort required to get everything ready!  But who needs sleep, right?

DSC_2309 photo DSC_2309_zps1c752687.jpg DSC_2311 photo DSC_2311_zps81bc2622.jpg DSC_2312 photo DSC_2312_zps9bae1846.jpg DSC_2313 photo DSC_2313_zpsc74fc395.jpg DSC_2314 photo DSC_2314_zpsd45cb8e6.jpg

The flight was uneventful and the kids were happily entertained by all of their treasures! Trent and I just crossed our fingers that all the luggage would make it. . . and it did!!!

All people, bags, and belongings arrived safely!  Let the adventure begin. As you can see from the pic Owen is all ready moving fast.

We picked up our rental car and then knowing we couldn't check into our hotel headed out for a full day! First stop was the Ballard (Chittendon) Locks and a yummy lunch of fish and chips! We even watched a dreamliner fly over head

DSC_2321 photo DSC_2321_zps51d84ee1.jpg

DSC_2326 photo DSC_2326_zpscc8e7f79.jpg

DSC_2327 photo DSC_2327_zpsed8d5ab4.jpg
We loved watching the boats come through both the big and the little locks!
DSC_2330 photo DSC_2330_zps6cccd21e.jpg

DSC_2332 photo DSC_2332_zpsd871d4c4.jpg
I just loved how this boat looked "happy"!
DSC_2336 photo DSC_2336_zps35b5d033.jpg
Then we crossed over to the fish ladder.  Above you can see the salmon waiting to head into the ladder and swim out of the salt water into the fresh water up the ladder and into Lake Union.
DSC_2338 photo DSC_2338_zpsaf75fada.jpg
You could see the chinook salmon upclose on step 18.  We saw a handful of sockeye salmon too.  They are smaller.
DSC_2339 photo DSC_2339_zps309c5660.jpg

DSC_2341 photo DSC_2341_zps1f5b7c33.jpg

DSC_2345 photo DSC_2345_zpsdf23fce5.jpg

DSC_2349 photo DSC_2349_zpsf2583d2b.jpg

DSC_2350 photo DSC_2350_zps803fc827.jpg
After watching the big barge go through, we drove over to the waterfront and went to the Seattle Aquarium.
DSC_2356 photo DSC_2356_zps0fc09bf2.jpg

DSC_2359 photo DSC_2359_zps31e9cf4a.jpg
I loved showing the kids the tidal pools and touching the sea anemones.
DSC_2361 photo DSC_2361_zps1a7a0ef9.jpg

DSC_2364 photo DSC_2364_zps3c74a433.jpg
They had a HUGE octopus.
DSC_2373 photo DSC_2373_zps49dd5c7c.jpg
And lots of pretty fish.  (All of which Owen called, NEMO!!!"
DSC_2376 photo DSC_2376_zps7b36fa4e.jpg

DSC_2377 photo DSC_2377_zps740e7004.jpg
We were so excited to show Owen a clown fish so that he could really say, "NEMO"
DSC_2379 photo DSC_2379_zpsb1789267.jpg

DSC_2387 photo DSC_2387_zps77c3a8bf.jpg

DSC_2391 photo DSC_2391_zps28ebd913.jpg
Then we walked one pier over (while eating yummy icecream) and watched the boats passing while waiting to board our harbor cruise.
DSC_2394 photo DSC_2394_zps44746a60.jpg

DSC_2397 photo DSC_2397_zps24dcba1d.jpg
The boat ride was about an hour and was such a fun and informative ride all about Seattle and the waterfront.
DSC_2400 photo DSC_2400_zps3f504025.jpg

DSC_2401 photo DSC_2401_zps342fc61a.jpg

DSC_2402 photo DSC_2402_zps1a075bf4.jpg

DSC_2403 photo DSC_2403_zps5362693e.jpg

DSC_2406 photo DSC_2406_zpsf995e400.jpg

DSC_2411 photo DSC_2411_zpsd66b9e89.jpg

DSC_2413 photo DSC_2413_zps82f92034.jpg

DSC_2428 photo DSC_2428_zpsc804ec22.jpg
Then we headed to see our previous next door neighbors who were also vacationing in Seattle!
DSC_2430 photo DSC_2430_zps6de375b0.jpg

DSC_2431 photo DSC_2431_zps9031e484.jpg

We came all the way to Seattle and reconnected with our next door neighbors from New Canaan. Thanks for a fun evening!!! Adam and Jack. Missing the same front teeth. Owen watching the boats through backwards binoculars.

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