Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday in Seattle

Today was our last stop on the city pass. We have used city passes twice now (here in Seattle and then in Philadelphia) and I can't say enough how awesome they are. You get to see and do so many things that you might not have been willing to purchase individual tickets for.

DSC_2555 photo DSC_2555_zps1748235b.jpg

 Today was the museum of flight. I kind of had low expectations for it (given that I love the Air and space museum in D.C on the mall and the one by Dulles airport), but I was pleasantly surprised. It was really awesome. We took a couple of tours and wandered around.
DSC_2554 photo DSC_2554_zpsd126bd49.jpg DSC_2559 photo DSC_2559_zpsfe2c5ea4.jpg DSC_2560 photo DSC_2560_zps2251a5db.jpg DSC_2561 photo DSC_2561_zps11decef1.jpg DSC_2562 photo DSC_2562_zps1a43562e.jpg DSC_2563 photo DSC_2563_zpsbe6aca2c.jpg DSC_2564 photo DSC_2564_zps5cef4008.jpg DSC_2565 photo DSC_2565_zps72e2d505.jpg DSC_2568 photo DSC_2568_zps8b2ad4d1.jpg DSC_2569 photo DSC_2569_zpse5fee1cc.jpg DSC_2572 photo DSC_2572_zpsef6b97b4.jpg DSC_2579 photo DSC_2579_zps3496ed02.jpg DSC_2581 photo DSC_2581_zpsaa35a5bb.jpg  photo null_zps09d4eb3a.jpg

After leaving the museum we headed to my grandmother's house, Baba. She lives in Kent, a southern suburb of Washington. We visited with her and I assembled 4 large breakfast casseroles for the family get together tomorrow. Slowly, everyone who had been camping for the week began to return. We said hello to everone and then headed back into Seattle to go to the mariner's game at Safeco field.

 photo null_zpsa89b8033.jpg photo null_zpsb74e99d9.jpg 
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It was a beautiful night for a ball game. We got there a little early and watched the pitchers warming up in the bull pen. The Brewer's pitcher even threw us the ball when he was done. We had a great time.

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