Thursday, August 8, 2013

Second Seattle Day and our 17th Anniversary!

We crashed last night at our hotel and all slept well and slept in some and awoke ready for another busy day. We headed to the downtown block of Seattle that houses the Space Needle, the Pacific Science center, and the EMP (experience music project). We found great parking and the first thing we came to was the Science center so we started there.

DSC_2442 photo DSC_2442_zpscaa571b6.jpg
The butterflies landed on Trent in the butterfly exhibit.
DSC_2443 photo DSC_2443_zps63b72d35.jpg

DSC_2448 photo DSC_2448_zpsffde3e84.jpg
We did so many activities inside and a bunch outside.  The kids selected a laser show (instead of IMAX) and they were sorely disappointed in the laser show.
DSC_2449 photo DSC_2449_zpsa3663ee1.jpg

DSC_2453 photo DSC_2453_zps496b208b.jpg
Here is Catherine riding on the balanced bike!
DSC_2455 photo DSC_2455_zps3de52ca5.jpg

DSC_2459 photo DSC_2459_zpsbc964c61.jpg
And then Julianne had a turn
DSC_2461 photo DSC_2461_zpsa340b08f.jpg
Next we headed up the space needle.  The views were amazing.  We felt so lucky to have clear weather and be able to see Mt. Ranier so well.
DSC_2465 photo DSC_2465_zpsdf345ced.jpg

DSC_2468 photo DSC_2468_zpsdf470369.jpg

DSC_2469 photo DSC_2469_zps00ad1500.jpg

DSC_2471 photo DSC_2471_zps1f1cb7e2.jpg

DSC_2475 photo DSC_2475_zps0c51588e.jpg
The space needle takes your photo and green screens it for you.  Here was ours!
The space needle.
Then we went to the EMP.  While it was interesting for 45 minutes or so, it was not a favorite activity at all.  I didn't even take photos.  We were glad it was just another stop on the city pass and that we didn't pay admission specifically to it.  Then we got on the monorail and head to Pike Street Market.  
DSC_2479 photo DSC_2479_zpsc79d49e6.jpg

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DSC_2482 photo DSC_2482_zpsd3084ab9.jpg

DSC_2484 photo DSC_2484_zpsb6e7abb0.jpg

DSC_2485 photo DSC_2485_zps68a42c0f.jpg
Sadly we got there a little after 5:00 and they were already cleaning up for the day, but we did walk through and see a lot.  We stopped for dinner and then headed back on the monorail to go up the space needle for our nighttime trip up there.
DSC_2489 photo DSC_2489_zpscb11a16f.jpg
We watched the sunset, had an ice cream cone, and just watched the city come to life with the night lights.
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DSC_2510 photo DSC_2510_zpsfabf702d.jpg
We even managed one photo of just Trent and me.  It is our 17th anniversary after all.
DSC_2516 photo DSC_2516_zps922e543b.jpg

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