Sunday, August 11, 2013

Relaxing Sunday -- until the kickball games began!

We went to church together and then we took our kids up to see Snoqualmie Falls. We were really hoping to drive up to paradise and see Mt. Ranier upclose, but the mountain was socked in. The falls were beautiful though and we had a great time. Then we just hung out at Baba's and started a three hour long kickball game. It was so fun to be with everyone!
DSC_2700 photo DSC_2700_zpsfe0541a1.jpg DSC_2694 photo DSC_2694_zps7d6d27d8.jpg DSC_2693 photo DSC_2693_zps98e22bbe.jpg DSC_2692 photo DSC_2692_zps3efe3875.jpg DSC_2691 photo DSC_2691_zps7da37c12.jpg DSC_2688 photo DSC_2688_zpseb902eab.jpg DSC_2682 photo DSC_2682_zpsf7dc8726.jpg DSC_2681 photo DSC_2681_zps08050187.jpg DSC_2679 photo DSC_2679_zpsc81b89b1.jpg DSC_2677 photo DSC_2677_zps0e03a326.jpg DSC_2672 photo DSC_2672_zps632b86ab.jpg

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