Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday gaming

Tonight each kid got to choose an activity. You gets to oldest. Owen chose bike ride. Adam chose the game clue. Madelyn chose monopoly. 3 hours later we finished. Catherine and Julianne don't get to choose tonight.   We have a rule "only 1 monopoly game a

Tonight each kid got to choose an activity. Youngest to oldest. Owen chose bike ride. Adam chose the game clue. Madelyn chose monopoly. 3 hours later we finished. Catherine and Julianne don't get to choose tonight. We have a rule "only 1 monopoly game a year". Now we've met our quota! No more monopoly until 2014. Miraculously there were no tears. (Of course that is because Adam won).

Saturday, June 29, 2013

2 years ago --

It has been 2 years since my mom passed away. I always think it would be nice to take the time to write down all the things that I miss about her, but the list is so long and the list is so emotional that I just can never find the time to want to sit down at a computer and cry for hours. I still feel like I am learning lessons about her every day. As I go to so many different events that showcase the passing of time (birthdays, graduations, baptisms, retirement parties) I just marvel at how much she is missing out on that she wanted to be here for. And how much all of us live our life expecting to be here for these things and then to have it all gone, just like that. She knew she was leaving. She knew she would miss it all and yet she handled the disappointment so gracefully. And since her passing her dad and her sister have joined her and it just all seems unreal in so many ways.

DSC_8280 photo DSC_8280_zpse48c5b8a.jpg meandmom photo meandmom_zpsff904915.jpg 3generation photo 3generation_zps841f32eb.jpg julianne4 photo julianne4_zpsbe494997.jpg 00377_mn_11aglggrjw0672 photo 00377_mn_11aglggrjw0672_zps01bf8eca.jpg 00497_n_11aglggrjw0517 photo 00497_n_11aglggrjw0517_zps499f9ff5.jpg 00488_n_11aglggrjw0508 photo 00488_n_11aglggrjw0508_zpsd03c9f15.jpg 00389_n_11aglggrjw0338 photo 00389_n_11aglggrjw0338_zps59f1f98a.jpg n_v11ah3q3kcm0013 photo n_v11ah3q3kcm0013_zps67e625aa.jpg 00034_n_11aglggrjw0034 photo 00034_n_11aglggrjw0034_zps76896f9b.jpg 00009_n_11aglggrjw0009 photo 00009_n_11aglggrjw0009_zpsc6b22a15.jpg 00010_n_11aglggrjw0010 photo 00010_n_11aglggrjw0010_zpsbd08eba5.jpg

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The caprisun bag!

My new summer bag. It took 35 caprisuns to make. It's really kind of fun!

I've always wanted one and now I finally got around to making it. It's not hard and doesn't even take very long to sew. It just took a while to collect 35 caprisun's.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


We took the kids fishing at the park and pond right next to our house. We had a lot of fun. Julianne caught the first fish -- an ugly catfish and Catherine caught the second and final fish of the hour.

 photo null_zps407941de.jpg  photo null_zps53453e51.jpg  photo null_zpsa4b42ba9.jpg  photo null_zps4ae81cb4.jpg  photo null_zps46d2e000.jpg  photo null_zpsc3f07568.jpg  photo null_zps0d6b35a7.jpg

Monday, June 24, 2013

New pans and a little more wall bling

After nearly 17 years of marriage, I bought new pans for my kitchen. A whole entire new set. I love them!

 photo null_zps26512b78.jpg

And then I added a place to write quotes and stuff above my wall calendar and I love that too!

It needed something more!  I'm gonna have to practice my calligraphy!

And lastly, I love texting my kids! The screen shots of some of our conversations are priceless!

 photo null_zps890a1a1b.png

That is from Julianne. And here's one from Catherine.

 photo null_zps70641a44.png

Sunday, June 23, 2013

My wall calendar returns

I made a wall calendar out of vinyl back in New Canaan but hadn't done one here. Until today. I already love it! I "know" the schedule, but keeping the kids in the know on the days' events was proving a challenge. So I made another wall calendar.   I LOVE it!

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Today I had a photo shoot at 8 am. Madelyn came along with me as my helper. While it gets hot during the day, we have a nice breeze in our yard and the whole yard is shaded late in the afternoon - early evening so we spent a lot of time outside. It was beautiful (even if the picture is not)

 photo null_zps179c60f7.jpg

Friday, June 21, 2013

Swim team photos!

Today I got to be the photographer for our swim team! Naturally I only remembered to take photos of 1 of my own children!

DSC_1389 photo DSC_1389_zpsa2387af8.jpgDSC_1390 photo DSC_1390_zps90537a80.jpgDSC_1423-Edit photo DSC_1423-Edit_zpsfce71df1.jpg

Then we met some friends for fun at Bass pro shops. The kids shot bows and arrows, bb guns, and practiced casting. We left with 5 new fishing poles.

Important skills tried out today. #becomingtruetexans

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Caine's arcade

I missed the you-tube sensation of Caine's arcade. In short, a young boy, using cardboard boxes to create arcade games put together a whole little event. He inspired some of the kids in our neighborhood to create their own arcade and they invited the neighborhood. We all went and had a great time! The games were clever and the kids earned tickets and won prizes.

 photo null_zpsd3706fb1.jpg photo null_zpsb834ab44.jpg

Also I finally got a picture of this monster truck driven by a family in our town. It is huge. It is their everyday vehicle. Do you see how small the minivan looks next to it?  photo null_zps99ce9a73.jpg

Lastly, Julianne returned from camp today. She had a great time. I think the fact that she could NOT call me no matter what gave her the freedom to then have a great time!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Another Wednesday, Another swim meet

The kids all improved their times and had a great fun time!

DSC_1328 photo DSC_1328_zps2ba53c8b.jpgDSC_1359 photo DSC_1359_zpsb2dbdc1f.jpgDSC_1373 photo DSC_1373_zps9fe0f897.jpgDSC_1374 photo DSC_1374_zps65a9de78.jpgDSC_1383 photo DSC_1383_zps861a1dff.jpg

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Teenager! Happy 13th Birthday Julianne! and checking out the Lake

Julianne is happily enjoying camp. (not that I actually know that because I haven't heard from her at all) We did prepare a special birthday present box for her to open while at camp.

The rest of us decided to take the afternoon and go on a local adventure to see Lake Grapevine. We live in Southlake -- just south of the lake (duh?) and I knew it was close . . . but it is really close. As in less than 2 miles close. We parked and walked to the shore of the lake and it was a muddy walk. We had a lot of rain this morning. It was really beautiful. All of us had a good time . . . except Madelyn. She didn't want to come. She didn't want to walk. She didn't want to take pictures. She was NOT happy to be on an adventure! See if you can notice the attitude in these photos.

DSC_1302 photo DSC_1302_zps66b6046a.jpg DSC_1303 photo DSC_1303_zpsa0e48f96.jpg DSC_1304 photo DSC_1304_zps24045f35.jpg DSC_1305 photo DSC_1305_zpsd392b0ca.jpg DSC_1309 photo DSC_1309_zps553ec645.jpg DSC_1311 photo DSC_1311_zpsa8089422.jpg DSC_1313 photo DSC_1313_zpsd21f5488.jpgDSC_1314 photo DSC_1314_zpsb7b20b8a.jpgDSC_1315 photo DSC_1315_zpsea2d0236.jpgDSC_1316 photo DSC_1316_zps7b9ea1ac.jpg

Then Karma struck. Madelyn slipped and fell right into the mud. I did a silent cheer. She needed a little kick in the pants after her attitude!

DSC_1319 photo DSC_1319_zps0e7dd04d.jpg