Friday, June 21, 2013

Swim team photos!

Today I got to be the photographer for our swim team! Naturally I only remembered to take photos of 1 of my own children!

DSC_1389 photo DSC_1389_zpsa2387af8.jpgDSC_1390 photo DSC_1390_zps90537a80.jpgDSC_1423-Edit photo DSC_1423-Edit_zpsfce71df1.jpg

Then we met some friends for fun at Bass pro shops. The kids shot bows and arrows, bb guns, and practiced casting. We left with 5 new fishing poles.

Important skills tried out today. #becomingtruetexans

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carrie said...

My kids are doing swim team this summer too and have very similar team suits. We are the stingrays! My 7 year old just did her first IM and was 2nd overall. Not bad for a rookie.