Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kindergarten Graduation and cooking day

Adam was so unbelievably excited for today's graduation program. The kids all wore their dad's white dress shirts backwards to have them look like graduation robes. They sang songs and were so cute. The class also gave their teacher Mrs. Davis several presents. One was so cute. It was a framed picture of all the kids holding a sign saying what they want to be when they grow up!

DSC_0948 photo DSC_0948_zps66084f63.jpg DSC_0950 photo DSC_0950_zpse9f6f291.jpg DSC_0951 photo DSC_0951_zps79450a80.jpg DSC_0955 photo DSC_0955_zpsceeaaf4b.jpg DSC_0956 photo DSC_0956_zpsb6cce27e.jpg DSC_0959 photo DSC_0959_zps72549b18.jpg DSC_0961 photo DSC_0961_zpscb58d0cd.jpg DSC_0962 photo DSC_0962_zps376c3997.jpg DSC_0966 photo DSC_0966_zpsa571b15e.jpg DSC_0967 photo DSC_0967_zpsbd7c67cc.jpg DSC_0972 photo DSC_0972_zps9a25ecb9.jpg DSC_1000 photo DSC_1000_zps0686a1a8.jpg DSC_1001 photo DSC_1001_zps776bcf44.jpg DSC_1007 photo DSC_1007_zpscaba07b2.jpg DSC_1008 photo DSC_1008_zpsd268f20d.jpg DSC_1009 photo DSC_1009_zps9678f627.jpg

After graduation, Owen and I went shopping. While he sat in the cart at Costco he started to say, "Oh look, it's Owen's suit! It's Owen's suit." I looked to where he was pointing and saw a swim suit for little boys with Lightning McQueen all over it. As soon as he saw I was looking at it he started saying, "Thank you mommy. thank you." Seriously, where do they learn this skill?

 photo null_zps5fb6a318.jpg

Then I met Camille at Kroger. This week our meals are

1. grilled chicken chinese salad with wonton strips, mandarin oranges, 2 types of cabbage, 2 types of lettuce, and almonds
2. cilantro chicken mini wontons and fried rice
3. white bean chicken chili
4. southwest style chicken pasta salad

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