Friday, June 7, 2013

My day to relax and swim with the kids

I made it clear. I was not going anywhere. I was not driving kids anywhere. I wanted to hang out and relax at my own house in my own pool with my own kids. And it sort of was that way. Catherine still had 2 friends over who had spent the night and they stayed until 4:00. But I didn't have to drive them anywhere so that was OK. I took Madelyn, Adam and Owen to the library and to home depot and we bought some lounge chairs for the pool and 2 more umbrellas. We came home and relaxed. Owen played so hard. I was sitting on the outdoor couch and he came up to me with the biggest tiredest eyes. He still had on his life jacket and was drooping his head to rest on the side of the lifejacket. I took off his lifejacket and set him next to him and he was asleep instantly.

I love summer. Owen has played and swam himself into exhaustion. He nearly fell asleep standing up. Notice that each hand still holds a water balloon!

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