Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The First Summer Swim Meet of the year

Warm-ups began at 2:00 at the indoor aquatic center. This is so nice because the hot weather has arrived in full force. Madelyn and Adam swim for the Timmaron Tiger Sharks -- a traditional summer swim team. Julianne and Catherine swim for the Sea Dragons a "summer" swim team made of kids who swim year round for the Nadadores but don't have super fast times. There is only one other team in the league and so for every single meet all three teams swim together. This is a huge blessing for me. It means I don't have to go to 2 sets of meets each week.

It's swim meet time. This is SO better than I remember. My kids' summer league meets are INDOORS!

A house divided. Madelyn and Adam swim for tiger sharks. Julianne and Catherine swim for sea dragons. It's complicated. The good news is all their meets are together!  The whole league swims together at every meet. Can you say LONG?  At least it's indoors

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