Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Teenager! Happy 13th Birthday Julianne! and checking out the Lake

Julianne is happily enjoying camp. (not that I actually know that because I haven't heard from her at all) We did prepare a special birthday present box for her to open while at camp.

The rest of us decided to take the afternoon and go on a local adventure to see Lake Grapevine. We live in Southlake -- just south of the lake (duh?) and I knew it was close . . . but it is really close. As in less than 2 miles close. We parked and walked to the shore of the lake and it was a muddy walk. We had a lot of rain this morning. It was really beautiful. All of us had a good time . . . except Madelyn. She didn't want to come. She didn't want to walk. She didn't want to take pictures. She was NOT happy to be on an adventure! See if you can notice the attitude in these photos.

DSC_1302 photo DSC_1302_zps66b6046a.jpg DSC_1303 photo DSC_1303_zpsa0e48f96.jpg DSC_1304 photo DSC_1304_zps24045f35.jpg DSC_1305 photo DSC_1305_zpsd392b0ca.jpg DSC_1309 photo DSC_1309_zps553ec645.jpg DSC_1311 photo DSC_1311_zpsa8089422.jpg DSC_1313 photo DSC_1313_zpsd21f5488.jpgDSC_1314 photo DSC_1314_zpsb7b20b8a.jpgDSC_1315 photo DSC_1315_zpsea2d0236.jpgDSC_1316 photo DSC_1316_zps7b9ea1ac.jpg

Then Karma struck. Madelyn slipped and fell right into the mud. I did a silent cheer. She needed a little kick in the pants after her attitude!

DSC_1319 photo DSC_1319_zps0e7dd04d.jpg

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