Monday, June 3, 2013

The last week of school has finally arrived

It began with an ever eventful night. Owen is always bed hopping. He moves from his bed to our bed and back. Last night he was wide awake in our bed from like 2-4 am. Trent finally got out of our bed and went into Owen's bed. Owen and I fell asleep, but then about 6:30 I woke up and Owen was not in bed with me. I went upstairs to find him and this is what I found.

My Owen is the worlds best snuggler. Maybe even too good at it? #kindoflikealeech

He had gone back to his bed and was snuggling Trent. It is a good thing both Trent and I function well on little sleep so that we can enjoy how cute he is even in the middle of the night!

Everyone got up and going. I managed to snag a photo of Julianne and Catherine out waiting for the bus. While they attend different schools they ride the same bus together and it helps keep them close!

DSC_0945 photo DSC_0945_zpsfa29e235.jpg

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