Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Last day of school for the 2012 - 2013 school year

It finally arrived. Here are Madelyn and Adam getting on the bus. Owen was busy looking for roly poly bugs and spiders. After school I took Adam and his friend to a classmates house for a graduation swim party. Madelyn also had a party! Julianne and Catherine all hung out with friends. It was a great day!
DSC_1010 photo DSC_1010_zps84278827.jpg DSC_1011 photo DSC_1011_zpsb2aa9c1d.jpg DSC_1012 photo DSC_1012_zps9ce402f2.jpg DSC_1013 photo DSC_1013_zpsc61d054e.jpg DSC_1014 photo DSC_1014_zps05c53c9e.jpg DSC_1015 photo DSC_1015_zpsa8a6730d.jpg DSC_1019 photo DSC_1019_zps24eccf11.jpg DSC_1022 photo DSC_1022_zps332f705e.jpg

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