Thursday, January 29, 2009

A bunch of stuff

  • My computer is working (for the moment) -- it has suddenly developed a fear of being turned on (it goes on then goes off then goes on then goes off all before Windows even boots up) and 1 time in 100 it will start. I called HP -- after 2 hours on line with a tech who ran every test possible -- he states, "Well, now that I have checked out everything and your computer has no user created problem, I can tell you that it is under a recall for a video driver that causes this problem and we will mail you a box and we will keep it for 5-9 business days and you will get it back and it will work like new." WHAT!!!! How can I live for 5-9 business days without my computer????? How can I keep track of my calendar, email my friends, read blogs, pay bills, design stamps, teach a class on blogging next wednesday, and SURVIVE?
  • Adam is so cute -- I was laying with him and he says, "Mom, do the Ha shoes!" I said, what??? He lays down and closes his eyes and then makes snoring noises . . .." huuuuuu, choo" So I lay down and make the snoring sound and he was so happy -- now he asks all the time for the "Ha shoes"
  • Yesterday the kids were home for a snow day -- so was Trent -- it snowed 4-5 inches and then started raining -- not exactly the funnest for outside play so we were all cooped up. Then you add the fact that Trent was on "important" work phone calls all day (so the kids needed to be a little on the quiet side combined with me on the phone with tech support for the computer for 2 hours and it was ONE LONG DAY!
  • Today was a 90 minute delay for school and I love this. I don't tell the kids about it and right when it is time to head out to the bus I inform them that they have 90 minutes to play. All the chores are done, the lunches are packed, the backpacks are ready and we have 90 minutes to have fun together. I LOVE IT we had such a good time. The kids wanted to read Harry Potter and then watch the corresponding chapter on the movie. We had a great morning. I wish every morning could be like this -- (although I think they would catch on and it wouldn't quite work.)


Whitney said...

I think what is priceless about your computer issue is that they waited until the absolute last minute to tell you it was recalled--HELLO? Shouldn't they have been able to tell you that the minute you told them what kind of computer you have? That kind of stuff drives me nuts! Good luck with going without a computer--I would probably go into shock without mine!

Valerie: said...

What a small world that you know about Haylee Bean Photography...isn't she so talented? So you're teaching a class on blogging...what are your top ten bits of advice? Also, how to you make your headers? Let me know!

Kelli said...

I love that you still got up and everyone ready before you told them. I really, really never thought about doing that, in the 18+ years I had Ryan and Kyler in school and now. I always thought it was a sleep in day. Good for you. I will follow your example (and THAT is what blogging does for me) it makes me a better person/mother. Thanks Jamie