Friday, April 12, 2013

Traveling to Redding California Day 1 - the viewing

I was fortunate to find a flight to Sacramento on Southwest airlines where we have some points saved away for situations like this requiring last minute travel. I left from Dallas Love field and flew to Midland/Odessa. I had never been there before and it was such an interesting landscape. As you fly in you see the land is flat and brown and divided grid like as far as you can see.

DSC_9390 photo DSC_9390_zpsea6aa615.jpg

In the center of each grid is an oil derrick like this.

DSC_9391 photo DSC_9391_zps2d264cfb.jpg

From there, I flew to Las Vegas.

DSC_9394 photo DSC_9394_zps0e769a36.jpg

And then finally arrived in Sacramento. My Dad, Sally, and Amber were waiting at the curb in the rental car and we started the drive to Sacramento, but not without stopping at In 'n Out Burger first.

We got quickly changed at the hotel and arrived about 10 minutes early for the family viewing that was being held from 5-7 pm that evening. It was so difficult and yet also amazing to see all the photos from Tami's life on display so beautifully. It was wonderful to see all the family-- cousins, aunts, and uncles that you share such a rich history with and yet don't really have the chance to see or even talk to very often.

DSC_9397 photo DSC_9397_zps0a30d7b0.jpg

DSC_9398 photo DSC_9398_zpse32b2292.jpg

DSC_9399 photo DSC_9399_zpsf17bb63a.jpg

DSC_9421 photo DSC_9421_zps5675f642.jpg

DSC_9422 photo DSC_9422_zps8f064a1b.jpg

There were so many beautiful flowers. They brought back such memories of all the flowers at my mom's home and at her funeral. Before my mom died I was pretty ambivalent about having flowers for any occasion -- they just kind of seem like a waste of money. And yet I learned then that being around such beautiful flowers all the time was such a great metaphor to remind us that life is so beautiful and yet fleeting. I now always try to have cut flowers in the house as often as possible so that we can all enjoy the beauty of them and also be reminded that beauty doesn't last -- it has to be appreciated in the moment.

The evening was spent with an open microphone and everyone shared stories of Tami. It was a beautiful tribute to her life!

This is Chuck, Tami's husband and Lexi, Tami's only grandchild.

DSC_9427 photo DSC_9427_zps40459cbb.jpg

This is Candace, Tami and Chuck's daughter (on the right) and cousin Mikayla. DSC_9429 photo DSC_9429_zpsb34432f2.jpg

This is Chuck, Chad (Tami's son), and Candace with Tami's life long friend Becky. Becky brought them this beautiful tile. I loved it and am sure I'll be making something like it someday with my silhouette cutter. Of course, I am hoping to make them to celebrate new babies or a wedding or something -- I'm a bit funeraled out.

DSC_9431 photo DSC_9431_zps78b7f992.jpg

DSC_9433 photo DSC_9433_zpsdf910582.jpg

Following the viewing a family that was very close to Chuck and Tami had ALL of us to their home for dinner. I was truly amazed at the generosity of this family to host such a large group. The food was amazing. Afterwards we went to Chuck and Tami's home (I had never been to their home before -- they moved there in 1999). We had such a nice time visiting.

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