Saturday, April 13, 2013

Redding CA - day 2 - the funeral

My 2 brothers drove in from Sacramento after midnight and so it was fun to wake up hearing their laughter through the hotel walls. We decided to take a morning drive up to Lake Shasta (which is where we would go on the houseboat with Chuck and Tami) during many a summer of my growing up. The lake was just how I remembered it.

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Tyler serenaded all of us at the hotel lobby.

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Here is the hearst.

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So many friends were helping out making the day so beautiful.  The chapel was filled with flowers and the decorations for the luncheon were amazing.

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Here are Candace, Chuck and Chad in the final family viewing.

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My Dad and his fiance, Sally

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Aunt Terri and Carrie

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Cousin Mitch and Tyler

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My siblings -- Shad, Me, Amber, Carrie, and Tyler

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All of us with Sally and my Dad.

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Some of the flowers at the cemetery.

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All of us at the cemetery.

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The cemetary was so peaceful.  It was a natural setting and gorgeous.

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Here is their dog, Lucky waiting for Tami :(

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Tami's yard was beautiful.  Every flower and bush was planted very specifically.  It was like heaven walking through her gardens.  She had several fountains.  

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All of us cousins, aunts and uncles came back to the house and played games and even jumped on the trampoline.  I had to show them I still had "my stuff!"

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