Monday, April 22, 2013

He "kinda" needs a nap

Owen doesn't usually nap. Today he was unusually grumpy. After going to the bathroom he refused to put on his jeans. He was cranky and mad and finally I walked into the other room to have a break from his whining. I walked back in a few minutes later because he was quiet and I assumed he was getting into something. But no, he was asleep on the leather ottoman, sweating with his face next to the sticky leather.

DSC_9806 photo DSC_9806_zpsdea4c52a.jpg

I moved him to his bed and he took a great nap. I got so much done I started wishing he would take more naps, but then when he woke up he was grumpy from sleep inertia. And then here he is at 10:30 p.m. wide awake.

DSC_9840 photo DSC_9840_zpsdc49597f.jpg

I don't think his naps are worth it.

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