Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Last night the wind was howling. It woke me up. It EVEN woke Trent up. It was freight train, blow the trees down loud. Fortunately all the trees were still standing when we woke up (I figure at this point all the weak trees have already fallen!)

So it was pretty funny when Adam walked into the kitchen and announced, "I know what day today is . . . Wednesday." He definately knows the days of the week, but I was impressed that he knew the day without even going over the days plan and in spite of the day off on Monday. I asked him how he knew? He replied that when he heard the wind he knew it was "winds day".

This afternoon we grabbed another series of beginning readers to work on (me and Adam). This time they are the Backyardigans (which he loves to watch as well). The book was all about pirates and we had so much fun drawing on the board, getting dressed up like a pirate, and filling a shoe box with gold!

Adam is such a fun boy to have home during the day. Whenever people ask me why I don't do preschool it is hard to respond quickly about all the fun we have together (and all the fun I had with my other kids). I wouldn't give up these fun moments for anything. Now that is not to say that I am super excited for them to go to kindergarten. There comes a point where they are ready for ALL day stimulation and I am only good for 1-2 hours of educational stimulation each day -- (all that laundry and 3 meals a day stuff gets in the way).

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Marci said...

I love your big chalk board...and your drawings are pretty impressive! When Preston asks me to draw Thomas it is a joke, but it's good enough for him :-).