Sunday, January 8, 2012

The long night

So this is a funny story . . . kind of . . .

First, while Trent was out of town these past three days I washed and changed all the sheets on all the beds in the house.

Then started last night.  Somewhere around 3 am, Julianne called out in the night that she wasn't feeling well and wanted me to lay with her. I got out of my bed and got into her bed and fell back asleep immediately.

At about 6 am Owen started to cry.  Knowing that if I can get him a little hot chocolate he will often lay back down and go back to sleep, I quickly ran in my room to enlist Trent to go get the hot chocolate while I got Owen-- Then I realized that Adam was asleep on my side of the bed, so I changed the plan quickly and had Trent carry Adam back to his bed and then go get the hot chocolate in a sippy cup for Owen, while I got Owen and brought him to our bed.  Quickly Trent got there and Owen naturally scooched over towards Trent and so I scooched a little more towards the middle to be close to Owen.  After about 5 seconds I started to feel wetness seeping through my pajamas.  I started to feel around and found a huge wet spot.

AGGGGGGG!  Adam wet our bed, on my side. 

So much for the clean sheets.  So much for the extra sleep.  By the time I felt it, Owen also was wet.  That also meant that Adam was wet and in his clean sheets (which are now NOT clean either). 

Why does something like this always seem to happen only right after all of them have just been changed and cleaned???? 

Not quite the warm snuggly bed I envisioned.  Good thing I can laugh about it. . .  a little!

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