Saturday, January 21, 2012

Our first WINTER snowstorm

While we had a huge snowstorm in October, it has been pretty quiet and mild here for the winter. (and I have loved it!). This week though we got about 2 inches on Tuesday, about an inch on Friday and then today has been the "jackpot".

The kids are out playing. It is fun to enjoy on a Saturday when we don't have anywhere to go or anything to do. The kids are outside building forts and snowmen and shoveling and making angels.

After getting all the big kids dressed Owen was so sad that he wasn't getting dressed for the snow. He brought me his boots and his hat. So I got him all dressed (knowing he would not actually stay out for very long -- given that he is not feeling well).

We took some pictures under the back porch (so he was sheltered from the snow) and then the kids took him for one sled ride. And one sled ride was ENOUGH! He couldn't get inside fast enough!!!!

Enjoy the photos!

JHH_1746, JHH_1746 JHH_1749, JHH_1749JHH_1750, JHH_1750JHH_1751, JHH_1751JHH_1753, JHH_1753JHH_1754, JHH_1754JHH_1755, JHH_1755JHH_1759, JHH_1759JHH_1765, JHH_1765

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