Thursday, January 19, 2012

More of Adam's adventures and some tips and tricks of mine!

It is so fun watching as Adam learns to read. He wants to read more and more everyday. We had so much fun doing a backyardigan's book yesterday that he chose another one to do today!

This time they were explorer's in the Jungle. Adam got his explorer hat and jacket and a box to put his "prickly, pink plant".

JHH_1732, JHH_1732

He insisted on another chalkboard mural.

JHH_1733, JHH_1733

And we used the big ball swing in the storage room as his jungle vine!

JHH_1734, JHH_1734

JHH_1735, JHH_1735

Owen loves swinging right now! So he was excited for it to be his turn.

JHH_1736, JHH_1736

JHH_1737, JHH_1737

Today I thought I would write down a couple of my little tips. First, my dad gave me this hot chocolate / latte machine a couple of years ago. I have loved using it but it was kind of a pain to clean. If you left it on with a little bit of hot chocolate in it, the milk would burn and it would take a lot of scrubbing to get it all cleaned. Then a few weeks ago I had this brilliant idea to only put water in it. That way the kids just fill their mug and add the powder and no hot chocolate is wasted. It never gets dirty and everyone can customize their hot chocolate to their liking. The amazing thing is then how many other ways I have found to use the hot water. I make oatmeal with it. I make fruit and herbal teas with it. And I am sure I will find more things in the future. And the best part? it doesn't have to be cleaned!!!!!

JHH_1739, JHH_1739

Another favorite idea of mine has been a DIY dry shampoo. Sometimes the girls hair (even if they washed it the night before) can just look a little greasy. A friend of mine had recommended dry shampoo. So I bought some and found that it worked great! The only problem is that it is expensive and barely can do all three girls hair! So I came up with my own. The primary ingredient is corn starch. So I took cheese cloth, put cornstarch in the center and then tied it shut with a rubberband. Then we can just take the puff ball of powder and dab it on their hair. I usually let the powder sit for a minute or two (to absorb all the oils) and then you just brush out the powder. It works great and is super cheap!

JHH_1740, JHH_1740

And last of all, I got this idea from pinterest. A person posted "instant" brownies. Instead of baking them for 25-30 minutes you put the brownie batter right into your waffle maker. Then you top it with icecream and voila! almost instant hot brownies! Yummy!

JHH_1741, JHH_1741

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