Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy Birthday to Catherine!

She is 10 years old today. We love her fun filled personality in our home. I took her to Crumb's to pick out 6 different cupcakes and after a dinner featuring her favorite food (homemade macaroni and cheese) we lit the candles and celebrated.

JHH_1538, JHH_1538

She chose grasshopper, peanut butter cup, vanilla chocolate, milkshake, happy birthday, and double chocolate.

JHH_1539, JHH_1539

JHH_1542, JHH_1542

The whole gang of kids!

JHH_1550, JHH_1550

JHH_1552, JHH_1552

JHH_1553, JHH_1553

Owen was so cute. He was waiting impatiently to taste each cupcake flavor (The cupcakes are big enough that we split them each into 8 pieces and all get a little tast of them). After 3 cupcakes we put the rest away for tomorrow and had little bowls of icecream.

JHH_1554, JHH_1554

That got Owen to sit down!

JHH_1555, JHH_1555

JHH_1556, JHH_1556

JHH_1557, JHH_1557

Then Catherine opened her presents -- some games and new clothes.

Here are some of her new clothes she then tried on.

JHH_1562, JHH_1562

JHH_1564, JHH_1564

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