Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jaybird and small steps

Right now, dressing Owen is like dressing a bullet train. The minute his clothes are off, he is running-- running far away from me. JHH_1449, JHH_1449

I do have a few tricks up my sleeve to get him to come back though. First, get out my camera and toss him the lens cap. He wants to bring the lens cap back to me and put it on the camera himself (not that I let him, he sets it up on top of the light scoop and seems to think that is where it belongs!)

JHH_1447, JHH_1447

Or I use the diaper on your head trick (which Adam is so willing to demonstrate). Owen thinks it is the funniest thing to get the diaper off of you and when he grabs it, I grab him and then wrestle with him to get the diaper on him.
JHH_1454, JHH_1454
And isn't Adam just the cutest!
JHH_1452, JHH_1452

Now we are making progress -- long sleeve white onesie on? check! JHH_1457, JHH_1457

Fully dressed? check! happy about it? NOT!

JHH_1458, JHH_1458

Finally he recovers and is able to go about the day happy as can be!

JHH_1461, JHH_1461

Now changing topics. I have to say I was shocked the other day when I ordered my blog book (through for 2011. I have blogged a little every day. I post at least one photo. While at first it was hard to remember to take pictures and do -- pretty quickly it just became routine. I got fast at it. I could crank out a blog post in no time. I just wrote down little things and posted a few pictures-- but it all adds up.

Last year I posted 1638 photos spread over 365 posts and when printed it is so large that it has to be published into 2 volumes. I couldn't believe it.

But I suppose that is how life is, we do the little bit that we can each day and before we know it we have conquered mountains that at first seemed impossible.

If I set out at the beginning of the year to publish a book on our life that is over 500 pages, I would never have done it. The challenge would be just too great. Instead I set out to write something small with at least one photo each day.

I have big hopes to run the New York Marathon this November for charity. Right now that seems like a daunting task. But I am not going to focus on the end product. I have a plan and I will do the little bit I need to do each day and by November the big task shouldn't seem out of the question. I also have lots of little benchmarks -- First the sprint for life 5K on May 5th, 2012. My goal is to run it in 30 minutes. Then I have the Pawling triathlong in June. My goal is to do the swim in twelve minutes, the bike in 40 minutes and the run in 32 minutes. And after June I will commence a 4 month marathon training schedule. My goal with the marathon is simple -- to run the whole thing and to finish.

Baby steps. that is how I get it all done.

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Amy said...

I am training for the Woodlands marathon right now. I'm in my 10th week of training. It's on March 3. The training has been time consuming and hard but I know it will be worth it. Good luck with yours! We are going to disneyworld next week. It would have been fun to be there at the same time. Have fun when you go!