Monday, January 2, 2012

The last day of the holiday

Today was kind of a funny day.  It feels like the holidays are over, but it was another day off school and work.  Trent and I (and most Americans) are recommitted to exercising Monday - Friday so despite the holiday status Trent started off the morning on the treadmill.  We got breakfast made and then Julianne went over to the neighbor's home to babysit for them.  Catherine had a playdate with a friend and she also tried out her acryllic paints.  Madelyn fell asleep on the couch (apparantly she was tired!)  Adam went back and forth with Julianne (since she was babysitting one of his friends).  Trent worked on some stuff on the computer and I paid the bills.  It was oddly routine and yet nice since we were all kind of hanging out together. 
JHH_1392, JHH_1392 This picture is from yesterday -- but Owen looked so cute wearing this outfit that Adam also wore. JHH_1394, JHH_1394 This is Julianne busy watching Psych -- a TV show she discovered this break on netflix. She has watched a lot of episodes in the past 2 weeks! She is growing up and being more and more independent and yet still being our little girl. JHH_1395, JHH_1395 I ended the night by going grocery shopping and then going to the gym to swim for 40 minutes. Tomorrow is back to the regular routine and my least favorite task of all time --- packing lunches!

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