Saturday, January 14, 2012

So many topics for the day that I can't think of a post title

My Saturday started early this morning.  I left my house at 7:40 am and drove over to my friend Jana's home so that we could head out together to go to the LDS Church Family Canning Facility in Piscataway, New Jersey. 

I was excited to go because I had not even realized there was such a facility out here anywhere.  I have been many, many times to the Houston Cannery but haven't done any of that while living here out East. 

For the record, Piscataway is not exactly around the corner.  It took nearly 2 hours each way. 
Their address and phone number is
121 Ethel Rd W Unit 7
Piscataway , New Jersey 08854
(732) 248-7728

But I learned so much I thought I would share it here.  First, anyone -- no matter your religion, or lack of religion, can make an appointment to use the canning facility.  Second, you don't have to plan ahead what you are going to do there (although there is a chance that they might not have something you want).  And third, the couple there that oversees the facility are probably the most kind and helpful people in the world. 

When we got there we looked at our order form and asked what they had in stock (everything except the potato pearls) and we wrote down what we wanted to do and then handed our form to Kim (the lady who volunteers her time there).  And from there on out, we were walked through each step.  Kim's husband (whose name I can't remember) would go to the warehouse and bring in each thing we needed.  We started with dehydrated apple slices, moved on to refried beans, then rolled oats, next macaroni, then hot chocolate, then powdered milk.  In the meantime, we brought Julianne and Kate with us -- they were doing spaghetti and labeling the boxes and cans.  We then were able to go the shelves were there were a bunch of things already canned and were able to select some of those (carrots, onions, etc) and then we found that Kim's husband had already pulled all of the bulk orders (jana had wheat in 25 lb bags) and I had flour (that actually comes already canned in #10 cans) and it was all waiting for us on a big dolly. 

Here is a link to the order form with the current pricing on it -- the prices cannot be beat!!!

When we were all done they helped us load it all in the suburban. 

Then we went to chick-fil-a for lunch (which is only exciting because there are not any in Connecticut). 

Here is a picture of the boxes I came home with. 

JHH_1619, JHH_1619
And the kids are most excited about this. . .
JHH_1620, JHH_1620

Once I got home and everything was unloaded I was excited to find my 2011 blog books on the front door!!!! I love them!!!!

JHH_1617, JHH_1617

Then this evening the kids were so cute. I had seen this lego book at Costco and bought it for them. It has given them so many ideas of things to build. I love watching them all be so thoughtful and creative about it.

JHH_1622, JHH_1622

This is Adam's creation- A lake with ducks and a shark and a fisherman with a cup of coffee (seriously this kid cracks me up!)
JHH_1606, JHH_1606

Here he is pointing out his ducks-- the red thing is the sharks fin.  He said, hopefully the shark won't eat ALL the ducks. 
JHH_1608, JHH_1608

Catherine made this golf cart.
JHH_1609, JHH_1609

She even let Owen play with it.
JHH_1610, JHH_1610

Until he broke it!
JHH_1612, JHH_1612

And last of all . . .  I was not home for lunchtime, but the humor of the day was Adam's lunchtime prayer where he said, "and bless us all to not eat like pigs!"

Where do I get him???

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