Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What keeps us busy . . .

It was 8 degrees this morning.  And this afternoon it really warmed up . . . to 22 degrees.

And for a TX girl like me, I gotta say these days are tough days.  You don't go outside.  (they even cancel outdoor recess).  You hunker down inside and drink hot chocolate.   I call it winter cabin fever.

Thankfully these things keep us busy.

1.  books -- we do go to the library a lot-- Adam loves the Elephant and Piggie books by Mo Willems and shocked me yesterday by reading the whole thing to me.
2.  xbox 360 kinect -- the kids have unlimited playing time and we only have kinect games.  The games are so intense that fatigue settles in before too long -- I played Madelyn in Kinect Adventures yesterday and we did the obstacle course 4 times and I can barely sit down today I am so sore from the repeated squats.
3.  Melty Beads (or from IKEA psilla beads) -- My kids can make designs for hours

JHH_1441, JHH_1441
4.  Legos - Adam can create an infinite amount of things

JHH_1442, JHH_1442
5.  Art -- Here are some painting Catherine is working on

JHH_1439, JHH_1439
6.  Computer - for me facebook and pinterest

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carrie said...

when we lived in Minnesota, 22 was warm! Recess was only cancelled if it was below 0 or the wind chill was -10. Full snow attire was required for school. But it had to be that way or you'd go crazy never going outside for months on end. Do I miss it- not really. It was 62 yesterday, here in Kansas City. I wore flip flops and we played outside until it got dark. It was like a little bit of heaven sent our way in Jan. I'll take it for as long as it wants to stick around.