Friday, January 6, 2012

Catherine's Birthday Party

My little Catherine is turning 10 years old in a few days! Today we had 3 of her friends over for a sleep-over. We started out the night eating pizza and pasta salad.
JHH_1473, JHH_1473

Then all the kids here (on 3 different TV's) all watched The Wizards of Wavery Place Series Finale. Then we all came in for icecream and candles.

JHH_1483, JHH_1483

JHH_1485, JHH_1485

Then they watched A Cinderella Story: Once upon a Song. By the end of that movie it was 11:00. They played and were silly until about 11:45 at which point I went downstairs and laid on the couch. They were all asleep by midnight.
But that didn't stop them from awaking at 6 am!!! They watched Prom in the morning and we all had waffles.

JHH_1488, JHH_1488

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