Friday, January 20, 2012

this is ALL for Owen

JHH_1743, JHH_1743

He has had a cold and I wondered if it had become more than a cold, but it had only been 5 days (and my doctor is SLOW to prescribe antibiotics) so I figured I would tough it out until Monday. As long as he had cold and cough medicine, and tylenol, and ibuprofen he has been pretty happy.

But then today at 4:00 (I could go on and on about how all my kids sicknesses turn for the worse at about 4:00 on a Friday, but that is another whole blog post) when he awoke from his nap -- his eyes were goopy and stuck closed.

Ugh, pink eye too???? I could just see that running amok in our house over the weekend. So I got an appt for 4:30 and found out that he has 2 ear infections, a bad cough, a cold and pink eye . . . in both eyes.

Really though, despite it all, he is a good little trooper.

JHH_1745, JHH_1745

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