Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The strikethrough

I love making lists. I love crossing things off. I want to cross off things on my list of Madelyn's room spring cleaning. I can't figure it out. I tried one way, it did not work. I tried another and it did not work and now strike 3 and it works.

Here is how . . . type everything you want (crossed out words and not) then click on the edit HTML button and add these 3 characters directly in front of the word you want crossed out.

the open arrow < the letter s and the closed arrow >

all with no spaces in between

Then at the end of what you want crossed out you type these 4 characters.

the same open arrow < but this time with a backslash / and then an s and then a closed arrow >

again . . . NO SPACES.

Happy striking writing!

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