Thursday, February 7, 2008

Spring Cleaning : Madelyn's Room update #1

My list in Madelyn's room continues to grow. I have made progress but here is where I stand.
  • Fix the underside of the box spring mattress, replacing the torn pellon with muslin (so it won't tear again)
  • Buy a new bed skirt and actually put it on
  • Glue her music box back together
  • Get her a lamp, lampshade, and an extremely low wattage light bulb (I found a 15 watt flourescent one that actually only uses 3 watts and never gets hot, it is perfect for her!)
  • tighten all the drawer knobs and pulls
  • Paint the toy box (because it is chipped everywhere)
  • Fix the hinge on the toy box so it doesn't slam shut * update * I went to home depot they don't have one -- I have ordered it online -- it will take a while
  • Buy a small step stool for her bed so she doesn't rip the new dust ruffle climbing in and out of bed
  • Make curtains, buy a curtain rod, hang curtains
  • Cover the wooden letters spelling her name and hang them.
  • Organize her drawers and nightstand
  • Organize her vanity
  • Clean the window
  • Dust everywhere
  • Clean the baseboards
  • Vaccuum everywhere even under the bed and furniture
  • Change the sheets
  • Dust the ceiling fan
  • Paint the step stool blue and cover it just like I did the letters.
  • Finish it all -- take pictures and post on my blog.


Kathy said...

very productive. Can I hire you?:)

Andrea said...

I forget what a go-getter you are. I'm pleased with myself if I can get one or two things done outside of my usual cleaning and mothering routine. Good for you. I definitely want to see pictures when you're done. ONe question of advice: what do you do with your other kids while you're being so productive?

Marci said...

I love the new trick! Thanks for sharing all your discoveries :-)!