Friday, February 15, 2008

Our valentine's day

We had a great Valentine's day. We started the day with a fancy breakfast (pink heart shaped pancakes). Julianne and Catherine exchanged Valentines at school and Adam and Madelyn and I went shopping at HEB. It was a fun place to shop as they were demonstrating all sorts of fun dinners to make.
Aren't these flowers pretty?
Aren't these strawberries pretty? (and pretty pricey! $8.99 for 8 strawberries . . . but they looked so good)
I made our dinner, it was delicious.

The Menu

French Bread and butter
Spring mix salad with sunflower seeds and croutons with a cracked peppercorn vinagriette
Angel Hair pasta with a Feta, pink peppercorn alfredo sauce
Chocolate covered strawberries (of course)

The kids and I ate in courses (I told them it was because we are so fancy, but really it was because I was making it as we were eating.) I called them to the table for bread and then dismissed them. Then back for salad and then dismissed them, then back for broccoli, and then the pasta . . . you get the idea.) When Trent arrived home (about 7:30 -- yes it is busy season for CPA's) his plate was filled and ready and the kids and I sat down with him and ate our strawberries. . . I had every intention of waiting to eat with him, but as each course was ready I just was hungry . . . and so we all sat and enjoyed our strawberries while he ate the whole dinner.

It was a great day. We put the kid's to bed and when I came downstairs Trent had started watching a movie on TV called "The Baxter." It is a little offbeat and a little different but we found we enjoyed it quite a bit. And in case you are wondering . . . a baxter is "Mr. Wrong. A compromise to "true love". The epitome of settling"
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