Monday, February 25, 2008

Sisterly Lovin'

I just don't think a sister could love a brother more than Madelyn loves Adam. She adores him. She wants to hold him and cuddle him and carry him. She wants to prepare his food and feed it to him. She wants to control what he plays with. She is always trying to keep him safe.

On the other hand. . .

I just don't think a brother could get more annoyed by a sister than Adam does with Madelyn. He runs away from her. He screams when she touches his toys. He won't let her near his food.

But . . . every once in a while he appeases her for just a tiny moment in time. He doesn't completely enjoy it, but he tolerates it. Here is one of those moments I was able to catch. He let Madelyn hold him for about 5 minutes while she was watching her favorite TV show, Max & Ruby. It made her day.

Madelyn loves Max & Ruby. The relationship between the 2 bunnies is the same relationship between Madelyn & Adam. It's no wonder why it is her favorite show.
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Sonia said...

That is hysterical! Avery and Aidan had one of those moments sitting next to eachother last night. And, guess what they were watching, Max and Ruby! Avery's favorite show! Too cute!!!