Monday, February 25, 2008

Spring Cleaning : Julianne and Catherine's Room

After working so hard on Madelyn's room cleaning and decorating and touching up and repairing, I have now started on Julianne and Catherine's room. For their room, first, I had to choose a new quilt. I found one I liked on EBAY and ordered 2 of them. A week later 2 quilts arrived -- but one quilt was the one I ordered and one quilt was similar but different. We are anxiously awaiting the 2nd quilt, which should be on its way. I love EBAY, but I hate it too. Once we knew which quilt we were going to use, the kids and I headed to Hobby Lobby to find matching paper to do Julianne and Catherine's names. (side note -- my new advice to parents -- choose short names)
The girls had a half day of school on Friday and my Mom came over and we worked as quite the team tracing, cutting, glueing, sanding, and modge podging.

Here are the letters on the new bedding. I promise I will take and post more pictures once the other quilt arrives. Waiting to go on the wall.

The final product, hanging on their walls. I still have a lot more work in their room still to do. I plan to post a list and update soon and my plan is to be done in a week. I'll let you know!


jimnjennie said...

The girls' names are so cute. I was thinking about doing my girls' names in their room, but I was going to paint them. I think the paper and modge podge would look better than anything I could paint, so I may steal your idea.

The Sorensen Bunch said...

I LOVE it..I rEALLY need a HAnis spring cleaning support group over here!