Thursday, February 21, 2008

Do you ever want to just get in a fight?

I was at Little Gym the other day and one Mom was complaining about their new schedule. Currently the classes are back to back and one group of kids is going in while the other is coming out. It makes it pretty chaotic. Also for the class going in there are no cubbies available for their shoes and the parking is lousy. We all commented that even a 5 minutes break would be preferable. The Mom said, "Well, I am gonna go complain. I am just looking for a fight today. I am just in the mood to argue and my husband did not want to so look out Little Gym."

Then later that day Trent commented that there was a man in one of his meeting that was just looking for a fight. He said that you could tell he just wanted to argue.

Why are we like this? I know sometimes I am the same way. I just need a reason.

But maybe this is a solution for you. . .

Julianne came home from school yesterday in that very same kind of mood. She was just looking for a fight. I had been tiptoeing around her for about 20 minutes trying not to set her off. It was raining, she was bored, nothing was right. Just then the doorbell rang and it was FedEx dropping off a package to Trent. It was some Office paraphenalia (a Michael Scott bobblehead and a worlds best boss mug) that his coworkers had given him for his birthday. I opened the package (as I knew what it was) and found an enormous amount of bubble wrap sorrounding the mug. My kids' eyes grew wide and I divided the bubble wrap into thirds and let them have it.

Julianne used every ounce of her aggression in popping each one of those bubbles. She was intense to watch. It was pretty loud for a while. Adam loved it! And when it was all done 10 minutes later-- Julianne was back to her sweeet nice self.

Maybe we all just need a little time playing with bubble wrap every once in a while? And . . . thanks to Trent's coworkers -- Trent loved the office stuff and I loved the bubble wrap. It is the gift that just keeps givin'!


Carrie said...

I meet people like this on a daily basis, hilarious or not!! I agree there is a therapeutic benefit to bubble wrap, I still like to pop it.

Amber said...

i wanna see the michael scott bobblehead. that's awesome. you should put his mug in jello just to complete the gift :)

The Sorensen Bunch said...

ha ha ha My mom always LOVEd to pop the bubbles NOW I know why with nine kids!