Sunday, February 10, 2008

Denial . . . it's a powerful thing

I have been busy this week and oh yeah I have kept up on everything else . . . well . . . except maybe a few things . . . like LAUNDRY . . . so in case you are wondering what I will be doing tomorrow, here is the current load count.
Load 1 and 2 : These are from well . . . quite a few days ago. Most of the load has been folded and put away, but here lingering are the items requiring ironing. Load 3 : Freshly removed from the dryer. Awaiting folding, ironing, and putting away.Load 4 : In the dryer, awaiting drying . . . kinda packed in there too. Load 5 :In the washer, filling as we speak.
Load 6: Awaiting the washer.
Load 7 : The "car towels" from Trent washing the cars on Saturday. My favorite load of the week, easy to fold easy, they all go in the same place and NO IRONING!!!!!

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Kelli said...

Did you get all that laundry done?