Monday, February 18, 2008

Spring Cleaning -- Kitchen style

Today, in an effort to avoid the laundry, I started spring cleaning the kitchen. As I emptied all the drawers I was amazed at how many crumbs, dust, playdough pieces and more have made their home in the nether regions of these drawers -- and all under my careful, watchful, and pretty darn clean eye. Thank goodness for vaccuums. Also, I found a bunch of appliances and stuff that I hang onto even though I don't use them. I finally have been able to part with some, but here are a few that are still residing with me.
First, the electric knife. This was a wedding present. It does work great, but I never think to use it. It's just that I don't carve turkeys or slice massive loaves of bread very often. I don't know . . . what do you all think? Will I use it again? Should I hang onto the electric knife? Have you found any great uses for one?
Next, the hand mixer. I have a beautiful Kitchenaid stand mixer and have probably not used this since the day I got the kitechenaid, some 9 years ago. But it is a really nice one . . . and it still works great . . . and what if my Kitchenaid suddenly stops working??? I need to be prepared, right???? Oh, who am I kidding, if my Kitchenaid quits, I am getting a new one. So then why? why do I feel compelled to keep this? Should I? do any of you have both and use both?

Now, this is the drawer of useless things . . . 2 knife sharpeners, a melon baller, a small sifter, 2 silicone basters, a pastry cutter, and a thingy that lets you peel the rind off a lemon or lime . . . a zester. In my mind, I use these all the time for my homemade pies, beautiful melon salads, and gorgeous barbeque, but not one of these has been used in a year. . . I am keeping them . . . I think.

This is just the silverware drawer all clean and neatly polished. Just had to show you.

And this is all the stuff I am saying good-bye to. Adios, mi casa no es su casa anymore!
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Kelli said...

I wish I lived near you. I am a pack rat. I would keep it all! hehe. The reason we had to move......too much junk.

Marci said...

I use my hand mixer when I use mixes for cupcakes, etc. because it seems so much easier to clean than my big mixer. I am impressed by your quantity of baby spoons. I have managed to loose all but 5 of ours - I leave them everywhere!

The Sorensen Bunch said...

Can I call dibs on some of those items?!! ha ha so I can clutter my kitchen? As for the electric knife-they come in handy for ward can alwasy offer it to them for the big dinners-or RS dinners..then you could feel better about it getting used more! The hand mixer I would for sure hang on to. I ALWAYS pull it out when I do not want to pull outthe big kitchen aid! My house is next..I will do your laundry if you spring clean my house!