Saturday, February 23, 2008


The trend didn't hold. At 3:30 am, Julianne came in our room coughing. I put vap-o rub on her feet and then socks. She climbed into our bed and I suggested that Trent go sleep in the guest room so her coughing did not keep him up. He has been working long hours and was very tired. At 4:20 am, Madelyn came in our room and climbed into bed between Julianne and I. At least by now, the vap-o rub had been working for a while and Julianne had not been coughing and was fast asleep. At 5:30 am, Adam awoke. Trent went and got him and took him into the guest room and after some persuasion got him back to sleep for another hour. At 6:30, Adam and Catherine got up for the day.


Kelli said...

One of mine was every hour last night. Starting at 11:15pm until Kevin got up around 6 or so. I have lost track of time. I wish drugs were ok. And I am not pick either them or me. hehe Drugs to put them to sleep or drugs to keep me awake.

Kelli said...

Kimber is getting better only up three times last night (compaired to 4 or 5 the night before, we lost track) Bridger was up three times compaired to the night before of only twice........... by the time the weekend comes, we are going out of town, they will be sleeeping then the motel will mess them all up. We will start over next week. Its never ending