Thursday, February 14, 2008

Random things

  • I did get all the laundry done. I even took pictures of the empty dryer, washer and laundry baskets, but I figured no one (not even me) wants to look at those boring pictures.
  • It is a crazy cycle . . . work all day on the laundry and then the whole house is a wreck (notice -- no pictures to show), and the next few days do the house and then the laundry is a wreck again.
  • Adam is getting mishcevious . . . very, very mischevious. He pushes the kitchen chairs wherever he needs to go, empties all the drawers, opens all the doors, grabbed 2 pair of kitchen shears, walked to the garage and banged on the brand new Odyssey leaving a bunch of paint chips, has learned how to get on the countertops and my new favorite . . . Trent set out 2 "classic" car models on his shelf in the office. I walked past to see Adam standing on the desk driving the cars along the shelf. I assume he got on the office chair and then used that to get on the desk.
  • Madelyn is starting to understand that not everyone can understand her when she talks. So she is wanting to practice her words each night. She is pretty cute. We have been doing this homemade alphabet book. In just a week I have actually noticed an improvement. I say "Freddy Frog frightens flies" At first she said, "Reddy raw righ'en lie" but we have really been working on the "f" and "s" sound, so now it is more like "Freddy Frod frighten ssssssssss flie sssssssss"
  • Catherine is as angelic as ever. She still sleeps through every night. She loves school. She loves friends. And the other day she surprised me by turning down an afterschool playdate (Madelyn went to a friends, Julianne went to another friends) and came home with me and just played all by herself. She seemed so happy to be alone. This girls is just happy all the time.
  • Julianne is busy. There can never be enough going on. As soon as one activity ends, she is ready for the next to start.


Bertie said...

Adam sounds like he is becoming more then a handful!LOL! Boys crack me up:) That is cute about Madelyne too!

All your kids are adorable:)

ps. where are we on the google ads:)

Amber said...

Oh naughty Adam. But I'm sure he grinned to make it all ok. Give those sweet kiddos hugs from me. We can't wait to see them again.