Thursday, July 4, 2013

The fourth of July

We got up and got ready while patriotic music played loudly in the background (I learned that from my parents!!!). I was grateful our ward doesn't have the same traditions as the ward I grew up in -- a 7:00 am patriotic pancake breakfast. We slept in (we were up late at the fireworks the night before) and then went to the 10:55 am showing of Despicable Me 2. We all had a great time. Then it was time to pick up Nana, Grandpa, and Aunt Melissa from the airport. While Trent picked them up, I got our lunch all ready -- brisket, salad, fruit, and patriotic drinks.

Pinterest success!!!!! DSC_1681 photo DSC_1681_zps4d243895.jpgDSC_1684 photo DSC_1684_zps9870a641.jpg

Of course we had snowcones!!!!

DSC_1687 photo DSC_1687_zpsf36c76a1.jpg DSC_1689 photo DSC_1689_zpsdada4879.jpg DSC_1690 photo DSC_1690_zps7656d5d4.jpg

Then we went fishing until it got dark and we came home and climbed the hill in the backyard to watch everyone else's fireworks. We could see 5 different shows!

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